Another Busy Thursday

Today being Thursday we went to the Hospice to serve lunch.  By we I mean Lotte, Andy and me.

Lotte is always welcome there and the staff and some of the clients make a great fuss of her; they tolerate me because they need my help and they fell in love with Andy last week when I took him there for the first time.

Lotte and Andy in the car

It's a bit tough when a visitor takes your seat in the car

Andy in the car

OK that's better. An armadillo can see so much more from here

Andy arriving at the Hospice

Checking he is in the right place

Andy signing in

Every volunteer must sign in before starting

Andy in the locker

Don't shut the door please. I'll stay quietly in this locker.

Andy and Me

Andy likes to learn all he can

We left the Hospice and the next stop was the library where Andy helped me find the book for which I was looking.

And helping

A smart armadillo can find his way around computerised records

Andy at the library

Now that book should be just about here...

And after all that excitement a little armadillo knows that he should rest so that he can be ready for the next set of adventures.

Andy on the bed

This looks like a good place to rest

And just between you and me, Andy is not a young chap at all.  He was made in 1989 so that makes him 22 years young.

We are enjoying having Andy to visit with us.  I wonder where he is off to next.

“True friendship comes when silence between
people one animal and a pottery toy is comfortable.”
Judith Baxter, Blogger and friend


24 responses to “Another Busy Thursday

  1. Looks like Andy had a full day!


  2. “Big A, little a…AaA” Dr. Seuss says. Looks like Andy the armadillo is having Adventures with a capital A.


  3. What fun you’re having with Andy. He reminds me of my adventures with Flat Stanley a few years ago when my granddaughter sent him to me for a visit.


  4. Jackie Cangro

    Poor Andy must be exhausted. No rest for the weary, I suppose.


  5. Andy is one lucky little guy! He may never want to leave.


  6. Judith, I love that you took Andy with you to the nursing home. Nice that he helped you find a book, too. He is quite handy… that Andy. (smile)


  7. Wow, Andy can write and also has mad computer skills? I might just have some work for him to do when he gets here! lol Does he do windows?


  8. Andy gets out more than I do….that’s pretty sad! I enjoyed the posed pictures and I think that smile on his face is so cute.


  9. This post made me chuckle, and that is a blessing on a day like today. Thank you for that, and love your quote. 🙂 x


    • I really wish I could lift you in some way. But from the other side of the world this is the best I can do. Take care of yourself particularly just now. :)xx


  10. Lovely photos of Andy . . . and is that YOU holding him up in the 6th photos? If so, you look FAB! 😀


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