Farewell Andy

Today was our last day with Andy the Armadillo.  Andy came into Lenore Diane’s life by way of a white elephant exchange. Read Lenore’s post here.

Andy left Lenore in Georgia (I think) to move on to Florida to meet Katy, from there he went to Georgette in Texas and then he arrived here in New Zealand, , tired after his very long journey, .

While he has been here he has visited several places and has become a friend not only of my grandsons (oh really G did you have to tell them that?) but also my friends and all the staff at the hospice.  I hope he has enjoyed himself as much as we have enjoyed having him.

Andy arriving at the Hospice

Checking he is in the right place

Tomorrow we shall bid him farewell but we have many photos of him to remind us of the little chap.

Through the looking glass

Andy through the looking glass

We spent the weekend at a friend’s house and after I put on my makeup, Andy decided to see what I was looking at.

Andy on the rim of the bath

Andy considers taking a bath

We then went into the bathroom where Andy spied the bath and wondered whether it would be like swimming in the swamps.  Please forgive my ignorance when I ask are swamps the armadillos usual habitat?

Andy on the scales

How much do I weigh?

Then he wandered onto the scales.  He didn’t think much of my comments yesterday about weighing myself.

Andy on the path

An armadillo must watch where he walks

In order for me to get fit for the Golden Door later this month, Lotte and I have been taking long walks, up and down hills around our neighbourhood and of course, Andy has come too.


What are we waiting for?

He quite likes being carried in my pocket but his favourite means of transport is without doubt the car.

Lotte and Andy in the car

Can you move over please to make room for me.

Lotte will probably be happy to get her seat back after he has gone but I am sure she will miss him too.

Lotte and Andy sleeping

There’s room on this chair for two

We hope that Patti enjoys her time with Andy as much as we have; I have already warned her to get in a good supply of jelly beans – they seem to be his favourite food.

Andy on the desk

Wonder how a little armadillo can open that jar.

“A friend is someone who understands your past,
believes in your future and
accepts you just the way you are”


20 responses to “Farewell Andy

  1. Bye Andy ! Have a good trip.
    Did you remember to pack some jellybeans for the journey ?


  2. It sounds like Andy enjoyed his visit to you and Lotte. He is one lucky guy to visit world wide and obviously he is the type to warm the hearts of all he meets.


  3. Judith what is Golden Door. I followed your link and it went to something about Rotten Tomatoes. I will read back in case you mentioned it before. I am just getting caught up on my reading and comments.


  4. Try not to feel too bad. Of course you miss them when they leave the nest, but every little Dasypodidae has to grow up and move out – it’s nature’s way.


    • What I really love about the blogosphere is that I meet such knowledgeable people Peg. How else would know that a Dasypodida was an armadillo?
      He’s off to Virginia Beach later today – if the rain lets up a little.


  5. Hey, he’s headed to my town! Maybe I’ll get to see him if Patti takes him to the beach.


  6. I think you and Lotte will miss Andy. You sure gave him a good time. Happy travels Andy!


    • He was posted off today and it is expected to take 4-7 days for him to reach Virginia Beach. I only hope the weather is better there for him. 😀


  7. I’ve enjoyed the pictures and tales of Andy’s stay with you. Sorry to see him move on.


  8. Ah, I followed your link – and now all your previous ‘Andy’ posts make sense! What great fun you’ve had with him – maybe he’ll return to NZ some day! 🙂


  9. I just found this post, Judith. So thoughtful of you to include jelly beans for Andy’s long voyage.


  10. Bye, Andy! He’s a well traveled armadillo. 🙂

    Your Golden Door retreat sounds heavenly.


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