Looking for Andy

Lotte and I have been waiting patiently for the arrival of Andy the Armadillo.  Andy belongs to Lenore Diane and she is letting him roam around the world visiting her blogging friends.   He is coming all the way from Georgette’s place in Texas to visit us here in Wellington, New Zealand.


Well where is he?

Lotte has agreed that provided he doesn’t take up too much space and doesn’t snore he can share her comfortable space on Mama’s bed.  There will be room or both of them.


According to Wikipedia “Armadillos are prolific diggers with sharp claws. Many species use their sharp claws to dig for food, such as grubs, and to dig dens.”  Lotte certainly won’t like it if Andy decides to dig in the bed.  Or maybe he will want to sleep on her favourite chair, or on her rug in front of the fire.  But he looks like a cheerful chap and no doubt they will sort themselves out.

Visitor visa

Georgette told us that she had sent Andy on to us several days ago.  We have a visitor’s visa in place for him; Georgette organised his passport and so all should be well.

The only thing I can think that may be holding up his delivery to us is that somebody thinks that our small friend should go into quarantine.  Here in New Zealand we are manic about protecting our shores.  When we first arrived in New Zealand some 40 plus years ago, our Cocker spaniel had to come by sea – some 6 weeks – because of the quarantine laws here.  I understand that these have been relaxed over the years.  But still..

Pet Quarantine

OMG do you think somebody thinks that we are smuggling unwanted pets into the country.  Poor Andy will never survive this.


Border patrol

Perhaps the parcel looks suspicious.  Or do you think somebody in our postal system has decided that they want this little fellow for themselves.

In any event, Lotte and I shall have to wait to hear of his arrival.  Maybe we shall have to go out to the airport to have him released from the clutches of the man spraying or the guys opening so that we can take him home with us.

No doubt he will be tired after his adventures.  Even being on the plane for so many hours will be taxing for him.  And we do know that armadillos sleep for up to 16 hours a day.  Maybe he slept all the way from Texas.

And we shall have to make sure the house is warm, the heating on all the time as we are told “Armadillos live in temperate and warm habitats, including rain forests, grasslands, and semi-deserts. Because of their low metabolic rate and lack of fat stores, cold is their enemy.”  It’s autumn/fall here and the temperature today only reached 19 degrees Centigrade.

We understand that armadillos eat beetles, ants, termites, and other insects. Well, unfortunately I have just rid the house of spiders and other bugs, so we shall have to go out and forage for Andy.

Lotte tired

Until he comes, Lotte will wait for Andy in her favourite autumn place

Meantime we will just wait for our visitor to arrive.

Watch this space for news of Andy the Armadillo.  The last thing we heard was –

Andy on the job

I’m working my way to see you soon, Judith.


20 responses to “Looking for Andy

  1. Andy seems pleasant…the only kind of armadillo I’d like to meet!


  2. Jackie Cangro

    I hear armadillos will roll into a little ball and play dead when frightened. I hope that doesn’t happy to poor Andy. 🙂


  3. I think Andy will love to share Lotte’s little rug if she doesn’t mind sharing with him, what with the jet lag and all. I know the wait seems long… I hope to hear news of his safe arrival from you soon.


  4. What a fun post, Judith! Thanks for sharing your anticipation with us. Hope Andy arrives soon, he’s bound to be hungry by now.


  5. what a neat post. I loved hearing about Andy and can’t wait to see him when he arrives at your house. Oh the fun! Nice that Lotte is willing to share, too!


  6. WE are all waiting for Andy with you and Lottie


  7. Judith, I saw this post a couple of days ago – though I don’t recall it appearing in my feed. I was sitting on the couch with the boys, and I quickly turned the laptop to the boys – so they could see Lotte and Andy’s next destination. I admit, the boys were not nearly as excited as I was – but I did see smiles come across their face.
    We look forward to Lotte and Andy meeting face to face.


    • Hi Lenore – just received an email from Georgette. She checked with UPS and the ‘iktem’ has arrived in NZ has been processed and ‘is on the way to its destination’. So Andy should be here very soon.


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