it’s That Day Again – Saturday

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It’s Saturday again so here we go.  If you would like to participate please either click on the picture above or click this link.

Grandson home again from hospital today

Hooray, Rob came home from hospital and the medical staff were delighted with the operation.  The leg is now encased in a removal brace and he is to keep weight off it for a few days.  There had been discussion about a bone graft but the surgeon told my son that it looked as if the bones could mend themselves considering that Rob is only 15 and the bones are still growing.  So he has three titanium screws in the knee, a beautiful orange leg and crutches.

We are all thankful that the spectre of the operation, and what they might find, is behind us.  The next hurdle is meeting with the surgeon next Friday.

My son and his family live some 50 kms north of here and so Lotte, Andy and I got into the car for the trip.

Lotte and Andy in the car

Can you move over please to make room for me.

I don’t know if Andy had ever been in the country before but he was very adventurous and interested in everything.

Andy at the fence

I wonder what's through here

Andy was introduced to Daisy Dog and was shown by Daisy how to really help when her owner is working.

Daisy at the computer

You don't need a seat when you're this big.

Lotte decided it was all too much excitement and so she made herself comfortable on the couch at the side of Rob’s bed.

Lotte resting

Too much excitement for a little dog

And Rob was delighted to see us (but he wouldn’t let me show his face or his leg encased in the brace)

Lotte and Rob

And so another busy, fun filled day comes to an end.  Andy has met another dog, a very large old cat, espied the sheep and watched the men repairing the road.  So after all that, he has settled down with Lotte to dream his own special dreams.

Lotte and Andy sleeping


16 responses to “it’s That Day Again – Saturday

  1. I do hope that everything goes well for Rob and there are no further complications. Andy seems to be enjoying himself – is he keeping a journal too?


  2. Sounds like smiles all round. 🙂


  3. Here’s hoping for grandson’s healing and great fun for Andy too 🙂


  4. All the best for your grandson and I am sure he will heal quickly as young people do. Glad Andy had a nice visit as well. XO


    • Thanks Darlene. My grandson was unimpressed with Andy. I guess at 15 one doesn’t understand the idea of a toy travelling around the world and journals being written about it.


  5. It sounds like things are going well with Rob’s leg. Too bad he wouldn’t let us see! Andy is experiencing all kinds of good things!


  6. Good wishes to your grandson Judith.


  7. Glad the news is good, Judith. 😀


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