Meet Judith Baxter

At Heathers and with the girls from ECC 013

I am a certified life coach, mentor, author and facilitator. Having watched my mother’s deterioration (from afar) I decided I would not follow in her footsteps.

Since my mother’s death (and that of my husband shortly thereafter) I have dedicated most of my time to helping others cope with trauma, sudden death, changes of all sorts.

I firmly believe that we can take control of our lives and how we age.  Having seen my mother’s mind deteriorate and watched my husband’s health deteriorate,  I have devoted much time and energy to finding out just how to avoid this happening to me and to my friends.

I am working on my values and am trying really hard to live up to those I have chosen – Gracious, Generous, Loving.  And an update on May 3 2011 I have added radiant.

I live in Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, with my trusty friend Lotte my Tibetan Spaniel.  She goes most places with me and offers me unconditional love and acceptance.

Unfortunately my darling girl had a massive heart attack in February 2013 and had to be put to sleep.  However, shortly after that a 3 year old toy poodle came into my life.  Quite a different character to Lotte but I am learning to live with this rambunctious little person/dog.

Bella Day 1-1

And then, unexpectedly into my life came a new love – the architect, my partner.  Not the sweet breathless love of a teenager (as when I met my Dashing Young Scotsman so many years ago) but the tender love of two mature people who choose to spend the rest of their lives together.

And now the unthinkable has happened.  My new love was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June this year (2015) and 8 weeks later he died.  Our time together was so very short but it was filled with love, fun, friendship and adventure – in fact, a magic carpet ride, and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

At 72  73  74  75 , 76, 77 now, years of age I am still active in business, in the community and with my family, particularly my four growing grandsons.

Boys at beach

Contact me on I would love to hear from you.

125 thoughts on “Meet Judith Baxter

  1. Hello Judith,
    I noticed your blog by using Zemanta for my blog. I’m a new user of that service. How have your stats improved since you started using it?

    • Hi Ben – I too am very new to this blogging world. I only started on March 1 and I discovered Zemanta very early on so I can’t tell you if this has helped to improved my stats. But I use it on every post although sometimes there is nothing suitable.
      Love your posts. Have only ventured into China on a day trip when HK was still in British hands so know little of it first hand. Keep up the informative blogs.

  2. Hi Judy, Yes, the pitfalls in life and living are sad but true. Though our time here is short, the test we face seems never ending.

    The results of aging are often difficult to bear, though we must. Learning to move through the maze gracefully is challenging fearful and fulfilling.

    Bravo! for your accomplishments and earnestness; your dedication to not only living well, but aiding those facing last moments. This cannot be easy, you have witnessed family losses; those you serve are fortunate.

    I have been in the blogosphere for a few months and enjoy meeting new people and communicating with like minded individuals. I hope to interact more with you Judy.

    “Keep Going”

  3. Judith, thank you for taking the time to read my blog. I’m more of an observer, so I find that I struggle to find the words to get across what I want to say. For me, though, that’s what my blog is about, learning to communicate better and share my thoughts and observations with others.
    I’m really enjoying reading your blog, too. I love to hear other people’s stories. I think that is what life is all about, sharing our stories and experiences with each other. The internet is such a wonderful tool. I’m so thankful that I live in a time where we have this option to communicate with one another in this way. Thank you again for visiting my blog and I look forward to continuing to visit yours!

    • Hi Patricia. Sorry – somehow I missed the fact that you had commented.
      I too love this blogging world. I have connected with so many truly amazing and very interesting people (like you).
      I am subscribed to your blog and will keep following you,.

  4. Hello Judith! It is a pleasure to meet you. I can tell by your bio that you are indeed a very unique lady. I look forward to following your blog. You are my first reader from NZ! Always glad to have friends in other great lands. Have a great day…night….morning….whatever the heck time it is way down there….. 🙂

    • Hi Mr Idiot. I like to address those who comment by name. Makes it all seem more real somehow.
      I found your blog through Chris at bridges burning so now I can follow your progress through Canada and back home.

  5. You have a lovely four-footed furry friend, and handsome grandsons. I have one grandson, who is surrounded by five sisters, and have a lot to learn about boys! I just started blogging in February, and saw your re-post by 1959duke.

  6. hy Judith, usually blog community of young or middle-aged people. This is the first time I read a blog of someone your age and I must say im really impressed by your spirit and liveliness. Your blog is great, a very nice blend of intellect, keen observation, passion and expression. Also, i guess its the first time i hit upon someone from NZ. keep the fire burning 🙂

  7. I can’t remember how I found your blog, but I’m certainly glad I did. Your posts are always interesting and I am especially intrigued by your use of quotes. How do you remember them all?

    • Hi Wanda thanks for dropping by. And thanks for the compliments. As to the quotes, I have notebooks full of quotes that I have collected since I was a school girl and I can usually find what I want in one of those. I must say though, that I get lost in nostalgia when I read them because sometimes, they have a date beside the quote. The date when I recorded it.
      If that fails, then the trusty usually can come up with something.
      I will take a look at your blog now.
      Judith 🙂

  8. Hey, Judith…thanks for stopping by my blog. FYI, I hail from the Tampa, Florida area, so half a world away from you at least, though New Zealand and Australia are both at the very top of my “bucket list” of places to visit over the next few years.

    • Hi Wanda.
      I have visited Florida only once with my husband some 20 years ago. O course, we visited Orlando and then visited with some friends at Port Canaveral. Sorry we didn’t get to Tampa but who knows? Maybe someday.
      Thanks from dropping in.

    • Thank you for that lovely comment. I truly think that aging is all in the mind – why i don’t feel any older than my daughter who is 51.

      Judith 🙂

  9. I believe I have a lot to learn from you. Thanks for visiting my blog today, so that I could discover yours.

    • Thanks for visiting my place. Am I right in assuming you are in England? I originally started my meanderings around the world in London. Glad to meet you.:)

  10. Hi Judith, I do love your blog because it offers such a different perspective of things and because we are of the same age. I have 3 granddaughters who are in my living room now – visiting. Tomorrow we are en route to deposit the oldest at her university dormitory. This will be her first time away from home. I look forward to reading more of your blogs and to discovering what else we have in common all this distance away. Dor

    • Thanks for the comment Dor. Yes I guess we must be about the same age. My grandchildren are all boys ranging in age from 12 – 16 and are ajoy and delight.
      Where are you living? I didn’t get a clue from reading your blog. 🙂

  11. Hi Judith, Ours range from 14 to 18 years old. They live in Northern Virginia about 3 hours from us. We are in SE Virginia in what they call the Shenandoah Valley.

    • Hello again Dor. We are in New Zealand. My daughter and her family live in the same suburb as me and my son and his family are about 50 kms (30 miles) away. So I am lucky that I get to see my family regularly. I have travelled extensively with my late husband, and now my sister, in the US but have never been to Virginia.

  12. Nice to meet you , Judith! You live in my youngest brother’s neck of the woods. He moved there after meeting his wife and stayed. I have five adult children and lots of grandchildren. I hope to visit here more often.

    • Hello Renee. Nice to meet you. Where in NZ does your brother live? I have two adult children and 4 grandsons. And I am lucky that they all live within easy distance of me.

  13. Hey Judith, wow, you sound like an amazing person, having gone through all those hard times and making something great out of it. I hope that on some smaller scale, I’ll some day manage a bit of what you have achieved…
    Funily enough, even though I live exactly on the other side of the globe from you, I have some family down the road from you in Masterton. Lovely to read you!

  14. Thanks for reading about me Lady E. Do you have a real name?
    I have lived a fun filled and loved life mostly and count myself among the lucky ones to have had and done all that I have. And it’s not over yet.
    Where in the world are you? Did you live in Masterton?
    I am constantly amazed at this fantastic community with have with friends around the world through blogging. I have only been at it for 6 months or so but I have met some great people. And now I shall add you to the list. 🙂

  15. I live in France and have never actually been to NZ, even though I have relatives there. I keep meaning to go and then something gets in the way…I will come one day though :)!
    Take care,
    Lady E
    PS. Love your avatar

  16. Hi Judith – I found your blog by random surfing in WordPress, and love your style of writing. I have family in Wellington, and although I’m in the UK, love to read about people doing day-to-day stuff in a city I wish to visit more often than I do.

    • Thanks Jill. I am originally from London but don’t get there as often as I would like these days. Getting too lazy as I get older I think.
      Thanks for the comment. Do you have a blog that I can read?

  17. I noticed your comment in the Island Traveler’s blog and now I’ve read your blog, dear Judith, which tells so much about you. I didn’t read all the comments to your blog yet. But I’ll catch up with it asap.
    I am 77 and I’ve lived in NSW, Australia, since 1959. Both my husband and I are originally from Berlin, Germany. I’m very interested to read more of your blogs!

    • Hello auntyuta and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I love to hear from new people. I am English and originally came to NZ with my late husband in 1967. We then had a period in Montreal and soon decided to return here to bring up our children.
      I mostly post about memories because I firmly believe that memories are the blocks on which we build our lives. You might see that quote of mine in several blogs.
      I am 73 so not far behind you in age. where in NSW do you live? I am in Wellington in the North Island of NZ. I am about to go and read your blog.

    • OMG – I read ‘his’ comment responded and then looked at his blog. I hadn’t realised that he had copied and pasted your comment. Sorry. Thanks for pointing out that it is spam – I am going to delete it. now. Judith ):

    • Hi NIta – thanks for visiting. Sorry about the tardy response – don’t know how you slipped through the net. I have been over to your blog and love it. 🙂

    • Thanks Jenna. And I must apologise for the delay in responding to your comment. Don’t know what has happened with Outlook – only received notification of your comment today. Just going over to your blog to have a look now 🙂

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    • Thanks Jean. I have reeived other awards, some more than once, but this is the first time for this one. Thanks for the nomination. I shall go over to your blog to see what I have to do. 😛

  21. Hi Judith in New Zealand…Greetings from Judith (Judy) in Michigan!
    I was going through spam just now and found your pingback….with my spam post of all things! This business of comments going into spam is getting old! I do have to tell you that yours is the first I’ve had in spam since I contacted Akismet a week ago. So, keep the faith….it should be solved soon!
    I’ve seen your name in comments on other blogs….I’m glad we could meet!
    I really like your blog!

    • Hi there Judy in Michigan. Nice to meet you 🙂
      I am still having problems with Akismet, WordPress and my comments ending up in spam boxes. I have contacted both but to no avail. However, I am glad that yours was sorted out.
      Just going over to have a look at your blog. 😀

  22. woohoo! thanks for leading me to your blog Judith! I’m a Filipino in Wellington, and I also have a blog in wordpress. Two out of three (in common with you) ain’t bad, and I congratulate you for having beautiful grandkids!

    • Oh thank you for commenting. And now I have another blogging friend who lives near. Hope you love Wellington as much as I do. This is where I choose to live. And today the sun is shining and as they say “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day”

      • thanks for the kind words Judith! Yes it is a great day, and as you know, great days in Wellington are precious! Thanks for sharing your life with us through blogging!

  23. Hello, Judith! Thank you for dropping by my blog. I wholeheartedly agree with you on your philosophy. We are only as young (or as old!) as we let ourselves be. My husband and I are empty nesters. We’re in our early 50’s. For us, this is our “second act,” so to speak. And we intend to make sure it’s where the meat of the action takes place in our life story.

    Looks like you’re “re-nested,” with four busy young boys to dote on. How fun! Our daughter told us we’ll be waiting a long time before any grand children. She still wants to do many things and see many places first.

    Your dog is adorable. We lost our most faithful friend and companion last year— Luke, our gold lab. Blogged about him too.

    See you around! Or rather, read you around!

    • Thank you for dropping by. How do you take your tea or coffee. Come on over again and share.
      I had my children quite early in life and so I was in my 40s when we became empty nesters. But what opportunities then arose for us. Enjoy these years, they are yours and will not come again.
      My daughter waited until she was in her late 30s before producing a child, but my son’s wife beat her to it by several years.
      Sorry about your friend and companion. Lotte is my friend who goes every place with me. She is my faithful companion, my sounding board, my cuddle blanket when life (o0ccasionally) looks bleak. I add her to my Gratitude List regularly.

  24. Hi Judith from another Judy. I’m at mid-life preparing for my second act and mother of two teenage boys. Age is certainly an attitude and I am determined to keep mine positive and looking forward to the opportunity that the second act will bring. I really enjoy crossing paths with knowledgable, positive wise women.

    • I am most certainly positive, Judy and trying to be knowledgeable and wise. thanks for subscribing to my blog. I am now going over to see what you are about. :P.

  25. Morning judith. I have just read about you on Chris kings blog and have popped over to introduce myself. i am Nzer living in America on the prairies and am looking forward to reading through your blog and learning more about you. You come very highly recommended! Have a lovely day. Rainy out there I hear! c

    • Thanks for dropping by. I have been to your blog and am so impressed with the lifestyle you are creating. I shall be back to read more,
      Today has been a beautiful day, sunny and no wind. But it is winter and we must expect bad days.
      Thanks for subscribing to my blog. I hope to keep you interested. 🙂

  26. That’s such a nice thing you’re doing, Judith! I really like your blog 😀 I’m gonna follow it and look forward to reading more of your stuff 🙂

    • I have had Lotte, my Tibetan Spaniel since she was 1 year old and she is now 6. But she still acts like a puppy on occasions and sometimes like a staid older lady. 🙂

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  28. I love your zest for life. It’s heartwarming. I have an aunt who is 97, and sometimes still speaks like a teenager. Anything is possible with the luck of health and the right attitude

    • Hi Deb. As I remember it was very simple. Mother would soak the stale bread in water overnight. The next day she would wring as much of the water out as possible and then add mixed spice and dried fruit. Mother never measured anything so I can’t give you any measurements. There must have been a precious egg to bind it (it was war time after all) and then this concoction was put into the over at a medium temperature to cook and fill the house with lovely smells.
      I have sent my young sister an email asking her if she can remember the recipe she lived closer to Mother and I think she will know. When I get a response from her I shall forward it to you. 🙂

  29. Hi Judith,
    Pattisj emailed me about your blog. I am looking for people closer to my age to learn how they are leading their life during the last quarter. I look forward to reading about you.

    I am 75, active, take T’ai Chi, substitute teach at a private school, and keep busy in the community.

    I love all the youngsters (as I call them), however, I also wanted to know about those of us who have lived longer.

    I live in Huntsville, AL….the Rocket City! Come on over and have a cup of tea…would white work for you?

    Linda Bourgeois

    • Hi Linda. Nice to meet you. Patti and I have been blogging buddies for some time now. I love meeting new people and although I live on the opposite side of the world to you, we can still be friends.
      I am going to be 75 next month. I live in Wellington (the coolest little capital in the world according to the Lonely Planet people) in New Zealand. I am still very active. I volunteer at the local hospice once a week, I help my real estate agent friend in her business, mostly behind the scenes but also at Open Homes on Sundays and write my blog most days. But it’s summer here now and other things get in the way.
      I am a qualified life coach but don’t do much coaching these days.
      Oh and by the way – I take my tea without milk but with lemon – I’m English don’t you know.


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  31. Hi, Judith, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! You’ve managed a lot of loss in recent years. And I’m honored to meet you. Looks, from above, like we may read some of the same blogs. I look forward to reading more. Blessings to you!

    • Hi Kathy. Thanks for coming over. I have been following for a time and am delighted that things are working out for you and Sara. Love what you are doing together and while I have never considered Ecuador as a place to live it looks as if it might well be the place for you two. So enjoy each other, each day and each new adventure. Look forward to reading more. 🙂

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  33. I love animals, and I am so sorry for your loss. I have such a compassionate heart that it’s hard for me to reply to this. I believe we will see our animals in heaven someday…”rainbow bridge” poem comes to my mind. I lost two cats and it’s still gets me chocked up and I am glad you found a new animal friend.

  34. Hi Judy! I am so excited to see someone in the same field as I am blogging and making a difference in the world! I have no doubt that you are leaving an amazing legacy with your life and work. Much love, Tania

    • Thanks for the comment Tania. My life has changed in the past two years. I reconnected with a man I had known many years ago. His wife had died and we got together. A different love but love none the less. Just going over to read your blog. 🙂

  35. Wow Judith you sound really strong and together. i admire your determination and life choices. I am still in the throes of caring for a very sick husband so don’t have many options but I am trying to stay positive and enjoy life ~ even if it is only second hand through bloggers!

  36. Hi Judith, and thanks for commenting on my blog. It’s always nice to meet new people here, and I appreciate your taking time to let me know you read and enjoyed my work! Now, I’m off to browse some of your posts!

    • Thank you Kayla. I have been reading your posts wit interest. I have no experience with depression but do know it is quite common. And through your posts I am learning a little more about it. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us.

  37. Hi Judith – I saw your blog today from 2012 about the water tower in Burton Green UK – thought I’d let you know that I’m lucky enough to have made it into an amazing home with my 2 daughters . The views from the roof are breathtaking x

    • Thanks so much for getting in contact. I remember thinking how exciting such a project would be and how great to be able to live in such a house. Would it be impertinent to ask if I might see some photos.

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