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It’s Six Word Saturday Again

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It’s Saturday again so here we go.  If you would like to participate please either click on the picture above or click this link.

Only barbecue this summer with friends!

At Easter holiday weekend we were enjoying lunch at the beach with friends when somebody mentioned barbecues and one of us said that he hadn’t used his barbecue this summer.  I have written and moaned often recently about our dismal summer so this wasn’t too surprising.  I don’t possess a barbecue so I didn’t enter the conversation on this subject.

However, it was decided that we would fire up the barbecue today and invite those friends and another couple for dinner.


So we agreed that I would prepare the vegetables and today we have been to the market to buy them.  They really are so much fresher than those in the supermarket and look so good.

Potatoes dish

This is my stand by dish that uses all and any vegetables with the potatoes.   I make it like Au Gratin Potatoes but put other vegetables in the mix.  This is also great because I have only one dish to clean up and it is always a success.

Today along with the potatoes we shall have cauliflower, leeks, onions, and zucchini/courgettes.  A great accompaniment to the steak and sausages on/off the barbecue.

Often when I am on my own, I make this dish as a main course.  Filling and very tasty.  If you haven’t already tried it do so.  Let me know how you get on.

And still no sign of Andy.  Where could he have got to?  I wonder if he would like this vegetable dish. 

And noodling (my sister’s word) around the internet today I
found this gem in an article in  Time Health of April 27 2011

“Armadillos — the armored placenta mammal found throughout much of the South. You probably imagined that, at worst, the threat posed by armadillos would be to your car by becoming roadkill, but that’s not all. According to a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine, armadillos may actually be spreading leprosy to human beings. “There is a very strong association between the geographic location of the presence of this particular strain of M. leprae [a strain of the bacteria that causes leprosy] and the presence of armadillos in the Southern U.S.,” said Stewart Cole, the head of the Global Health Institute at EPFL in Switzerland and a lead author on the paper. “Our research provides clear DNA evidence that the unique strain found in armadillos is the same as the one in certain humans.”

Perhaps somebody at border control has seen this item.  Oh oh – I worry for poor Andy.

Photo courtesy Georgette Sullins at Andy's last stopover