Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

The wait is over.  A parcel arrived today.  Unceremoniously dumped on the verandah at the front door – well the postman didn’t know that it contained a precious cargo – Andy the Armadillo.

What's in the box

What's in the box? Wait is something moving in it?

Are you up to the play on Andy and his travels around the world?  Well Lenore Diane in Woodstock, Georgia traded some Smoked salmon (well she thought that was what it was) for an armadillo at a White Elephant Gift Exchange.  She then came up with the idea of his travelling to various places.  He visited K8did in Florida and after some time and an exciting visit he went on to visit Georgette in Texas.  Here he had plenty of excitement and a massive sugar hangover.  No wonder the little chap looked a trifle peaky by the time he arrived here.

Making friends

Lotte in her inimitable fashion greeted this new friend and made him feel at home.

Lotte and Andy

She showed him around her favourite places in the garden

Sharing dinner

She offered to share her dinner not knowing whether Armadillos ate chicken

Andy and a cheese sandwich

Not really liking the chicken, Andy decided to check out my toasted sandwich

Andy and book

Then he became interested in the book I was reading. Can armadillos read?

Andy and the gnome

Then he had a stroll around the garden

Lotte and Andy on chair

And after all the excitement of the day he decided to join Lotte in a postprandial snooze.

Tomorrow Andy will start her Wandering in Wellington and Lotte and I shall report back to you.

And just to remind you that according to Will Cuppy

Armadillos make affectionate pets, if you need affection that much.

I’ll report on that too!


29 responses to “Look Who’s Coming To Dinner

  1. Looks like Andy is having a great visit so far and Lotte is enjoying her guest!


  2. Awww…that’s him!!! ♥ So good to see him making friends with Lotte. Lotte shares his chair quite hospitably. Thank you, Judith, for the update. I’m not feeling so anxious anymore.


  3. Looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 🙂


  4. Do armadillos need passports–or doesn’t the post require documentation?
    Hope y’all have fun visiting and showing Andy the sights.


    • WE shall have fun. No he didn’t need a passport but we had a few hairy moments when he didn’t arrive and didn’t arrive…Visions of deportation, fumigation or whatever. But as you see, all is well. Lotte like him and I am sure that your Teddy would too.


  5. So glad to see Andy arrived safely! He’d better get rested, I think it’s going to be a few busy days seeing NZ. 🙂


    • Well we have a few ideas for him. I wonder if he has ever been close to a cow or the number of sheep at my son’s farm! Could be a rude awakening for him. 🙂


  6. awwww….he’s there, exploring and now settling in so nicely….welcome to NZ Andy!


    • Isn’t this fun. We are all acting as if he were a real armadillo. He has now settled on my desk next to the jar of jelly beans. A message there perhaps?


  7. I LOVE Andy!! Can’t wait for the next installment.


  8. It’s a wonderful idea, looking forward to Andy’s adventures while he visits with you. 🙂


  9. Yaaay! Andy is in New Zealand! (That still blows my mind.) I am so grateful Lotte is sharing her bed with Andy. Such a nice hostesss.


  10. How FUN!

    Wonder if your grand-kids will think you’re “off your rocker” when you tell them about Andy. 😆


  11. Jackie Cangro

    The much awaited Andy has arrived! Looks like he’s getting on well already.
    Though Andy should get his own lunch. You don’t want him to get too comfortable – then he’ll never leave! 🙂


  12. What a great idea.
    Bet he is going to have a wonderful visit.
    LOVE the quote!


  13. I love all the photos with Andy. Very enjoyable.


  14. Funny, I think Andy travels more than I do! I got a chuckle at some of the pictures you snapped of him:)


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  16. He is certainly well travelled.


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