Daily Archives: April 4, 2012

Wet, Windy Wednesday in Wellington

After a few lovely sunny days the rain has returned to Wellington.  We awoke to pouring rain and Lotte decided to stay just where she was.

Lotte in bed

You expect me to go out in that?

But it is Wednesday so no such luxury of staying snug in bed with my book for me.  I have to pick up grandson or maybe grandsons from school and then spend the afternoon and evening with them.  I’m not complaining.  I love Wednesdays but would prefer the sun to shine when I am with the boys as it did last week.

And the wet weather is not confined to our area.  Many parts of the North Island are coping with floods, road closures, landslips etc etc.  So I shall put on my raincoat and put Lotte’s raincoat on to her and we will go for our walk.

But I don’t think we will venture very far.

Stormy beach

The beach near us will be badly blown with stormy waters and while that is lovely to look at from inside the house, it will not be pleasant to walk in.

Khandallah Bush Walk

The bush will be dripping and most unpleasant.

So we will be walking around the streets of Brooklyn for a quick short burst.  I wonder who we will meet today.

Must rush, so until tomorrow when I do hope we will see a rainbow, here is mine to cheer you.


My rainbow

As sunrise follows the night, the rainbow will always follow the rain.  Just look for it – it will appear.
Judith Baxter