I’m Not The Only One

“When Solomon said that there was a time
and a place for everything he had not
encountered the problem of parking
an automobile.”
Bob Edwards

On Tuesday I wrote about my computer and how easily my son got the sound and the second monitor to work.  Thanks to all of you who told me that you have done some other daft things.

Well I thought I would tell you about another thing.  Years ago, shortly after my (not now so) dashing young Scotsman died I lived with my son and his family for several months.

One night, while daughter in law was making dinner, I went off to meet my son from the train.  A simple task you say?  What could happen in a 2 km drive?

Well, unbeknownst to me during the day a huge load of top soil had been delivered to the railway parking area.  There were no lights – it is a small community where they live and so a small, unmanned station.  Well, you guessed it.  I drove into the pile of soil.

The train arrived and my son was greeted by his mother and her tale of woe.  He tried to reverse the car without success and so he suggested that we go over to the gas station where we  knew the owner, and borrow his van.  This was quite old and used for run around jobs.  The gas store owner was delighted to spring to the help of a damsel in distress.

So now there are three of us – the owner thought he could tow my Toyota Corolla out of the pile, but miscalculated and somehow ended up with his van stuck in the pile of earth.

So my son, who had a 6 litre Ford something at the time, took off on foot to get his car.  He eventually arrived and did his best to tow out the stranded vehicles but again without success and again, managed to strand his car in the soil.

Even all those years ago my son and I each always had our cell phones with us, but neither of us had them that night.  So three sheepish people made their way back to the gas station to call the AA who eventually turned up and rescued all three vehicles.

Embarrassing? Yes, bus a great story to tell over the next few days.  And dinner – well fortunately my daughter in law hadn’t started to cook the steak when I left so all was well.  But the little boys were in bed when we got back and so their father missed out on the usual bedtime ritual.


23 responses to “I’m Not The Only One

  1. Oh Judith, thank goodness for sons. I will have to let my son know he is not alone! I love Tje story about the cars being stuck one after another. It happens more often than you know. All I can say is that you are in good company!


  2. Giggle. We all do those things sometimes. I drove into the car wash with my driver’s window down. It didn’t take but a moment to realize my mistake.


  3. Oh, I wish I had a picture of that – the 3 cars stuck in the soil! That story is sooo funny Judith. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Wow, that must have been some load of topsoil! Love your lead-in quote.


  5. oh I hope you all had a good laugh at yourselves that night and every time you’ve told the story since!


  6. I can picture the three of you stranded in that pile of dirt. I’m sure it is much funnier now!


  7. How I wish that one of us had a camera – it has become funnier over the years. 🙂


  8. Judith, I have nominated you for the Sunshine Award. Check out my blog post entitled “Sunshine Coming My Way”. It’s for those who inspire and you definitely do.


  9. Good thing the three of you did not get stuck standing in your shoes. Till morning.


  10. What a comedy of errors! Good thing that pile of soil wasn’t quicksand. 🙂
    At least you had a bit of an adventure and a funny story to share in the end.


  11. Very funny picture in my head of your ordeal, though I know it was not funny at the time! Could be an episode in a sitcom.


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