Daily Archives: February 3, 2012

Home again!

Having returned from a short, 5-day vacation I arrived home this morning and switched on the computer.  Oh my.  I was confronted by 720 unread emails, of which some 700 were from my prolific blogging buddies.  It is now 3pm and apart from a 15 minute sandwich break, I have been sitting here since 11.30am reading your many and varied posts.  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, and if I don’t post a comment it isn’t because I haven’t read your post it is because there are just too many to comment upon.

So, that said, please accept my apologies.  By this time tomorrow, I shall be caught up again (fingers crossed).

In my last post I left you with some kangaroo words and for those of you who played my game here are the answers.

  1. rapscallion – rascal
  2. prattle – prate
  3. perambulate – ramble
  4. pinioned – pinned
  5. regulates – rules
  6. splotches -spots
  7. slithered – slid
  8. perimeter – rim
  9. curtail – cut
    respite – restClapping handsDid you get them all?  We played the game with our hosts a few days ago.  Much laughter and hilarity ensued but not everybody got the words right.
    So now, back to reading more blogs.