Daily Archives: February 4, 2012

Hunches, Ideas, Intuition et al

” Trust your hunches.  Hunches are usually
based on facts filed away just below
the conscious level”
Dr Joyce Brothers

Our subconscious is most often way ahead of our conscious thoughts and ideas.  Many ideas come to us unexpectedly and usually without any anchor or any reason.  Hunches are the same.  A hunch makes us cut out an item from the newspaper.  We may not know why it must be kept and  we probably do nothing with it for days or weeks until an idea springs into our head and then we remember that cutting and know that we can use it.  ( I have a file in which I put cuttings, items etc that I think may someday be of use).

Sometimes we hear part of a conversation and it sticks in our head just waiting for the write right time to use it as a basis of an article or story or even a blog post.  A turn of phrase, a particular laugh, or a comment on a TV show can lodge in our subconscious just waiting for the right time for it to blossom into our conscious thought.  These are written in my notebook for future use or reference.

For me, night time is a particularly fertile time for ideas and thoughts and so I always have my trusty notebook and pencil at the side of the bed.  It is interesting to note that I always write in pencil in my notebook.

Occasionally I wake up in the middle of the night and know that if I don’t jot down that thought it will be lost to me when I awaken in the morning. Maybe I have a particular dream that could form the basis of an article or story.  A particularly appealing idea may form and cannot be allowed to drift away.

And so I have a collection of notebooks (some with writing that only I can decipher having been written when I have been more asleep than awake).  Many of the jottings are from unknown sources, but when I am in the dreaded  void and need inspiration for my writing I can spend time reading through the notebooks and then usually come up with an idea and a reason to write.

So I listen to my hunches and my intuition and tap into the deep well of memory.  This is where those hunches, thoughts and ideas mostly reside.

“Oh you get s many hunches
that you don’t know even quite
if the right hunch is the wrong hunch
then the wrong hunch might be right!”
from “Hunches in Bunches” Dr Seuss