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A Special Day

“Birthdays are good for you.  Statistics show that the
people who have the most live the longest. ”
Larry Lorenzoni”

February 29th is a day like any other for most of us but imagine if this is your birthday.  As a small child you would have wondered why everyone else celebrates a special day each year; so would your mother and father decide that you would celebrate on the day before or the day after the 29th?

Aeons ago, when I was at school, we had a girl who had been born on February 29th.  Her parents had told her how very special this made her and in the days leading up to the 29th she was insufferable.  I am not sure how we treated her in the three years that she didn’t have a birthday but I am sure that we repaid her for her superiority in the fourth.  Teenage girls…

I have a special blogging friend, Lenore Diane whose birthday is March 1st.  Luckily she missed the 29th February day if in fact she was born in a leap year.  So happy birthday for tomorrow Lenore Diane.

In yesterday’s post Lenore posed the question ‘do I know you?’  As she says, we have many virtual friends now in the bogging world.  After beginning my blog on March 1 last year and somehow attracting people to it, I now consider those with whom I interact in this way, either regularly or infrequently as the case may be, as my friends.

Oh I wouldn’t know you if I passed you in the street – unlikely because I live so far away from most of you – but I feel connected to you because you share your thoughts and feelings so openly with me/us.


So on this special day I should like to say Thank You to everybody whose blogs I follow and to those who follow mine.  I feel that I have come to know many of you during the year.  I have learned a little about your lives that in many instances are so different to mine, and some whose lives run on almost parallel lines.  I shall continue to read and comment on your blogs (that is if WordPress and Akismet ever get their acts together to allow me to comment again).

I look forward to another enjoyable year reading and learning more about you.

As I am going to be away for the next few days there will be no posts on this blog.  But I shall be back after the wedding with much to share with  you.

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