Eye contact and The Queen

This is the post that should have been reblogged wth No words. Only great memories of our gracious and graceful queen

A World Apart

Long live the King

A promise made. A promise kept.

So we all know by now that the Queen of England has died,

She was a bigger part of my life than most young folk.

My mom was a war bride (and there is a whole other story there). What I remember, when I was about 5 or 6, is that my GrandmainScotland (Yes all one word) would send newspapers from Scotland regularly.

At the age of 5 I would look at the pictures in those newspapers (course) and remember seeing pictures of the royal children, Princess Anne and Prince Charles.

What struck me as odd, at that tender age is that they wore rather ordinary clothes. I fully expected them to be in gowns and crowns. Well, certainly Anne in gowns.

Of course that did not stop my imagination. I was pleased to see he was about my ageā€¦

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One response to “Eye contact and The Queen

  1. What a story! I enjoyed that greatly.


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