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When your friend raves about a book do you automatically read it?

Chris on books etc

A World Apart

As many of you know JB ‘Judith’ and I became fast friends eleven years ago. Through WordPress. Kindred spirits.

We inspire each other, cheer each other one, commiserate when needed, and more than anything we laugh. Sometimes at each other. Our similarities are many. Our differences many more. But our humour is wicked and what tickles one, invariably tickles the other. And of course, this blog, A World Apart, is done jointly by us.

Like JB, I am a voracious reader. Our literary tastes can be quite different, though often the same.

The point I am trying to get around to is that I learn so many more new things from her than I think she does from me. And books are an example.

For instance, she really likes character driven and I am more plot driven. Btw, what do YOU prefer?

She likes stories where horrible things are overcome…

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