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Father’s Day 2022

A World Apart

Alfred Robert Rita

The first Sunday in September is Father’s Day here in New Zealand. I don’t need a particular day to remember my Father.

What does Fathers’ Day mean to you and your family? Do you celebrate with gift- giving and special dinners or is it just another day to you? Growing up in Englandwedidn’tcelebrate Fathers’ Day – I don’t remember when people started celebrating Fathers on a particular day. We were very lucky in that our Father was worth celebrating each day.

My memories of this man are many and special. It was he who taught his three girls the appreciation of the English language and shared with us his love of words. He taught us to be tolerant and to accept people as they are and he showered us with love. He it was who told us that more could be accomplished with a smile…

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Five Word Friday – Take Two

A World Apart

By now, most of you know that our Five Word Friday that occurs on the first Friday of each month actually has two First Fridays of the month here at AWA.

Yesterday, JB talked about the anticipation and joy in Spring approaching after their ‘winter’.

As I read I began to feel a little sad that summer was departing here. And then. And then. I remembered my own anticipation of approaching Autumn.

I know that plants blooming is a wondrous sign that winter is departing. But it’s different going from Summer to Autumn. It’s a much more graceful segue from the hazy lazy days of summer to vibrant bright clear cooler air of autumn.

Autumn approaching here – Eye Candy!

These photos from Shutterstock are not exaggerated. These are photos from my province Ontario. In Autumn.

I can’t adequately explain what it feels like to wake up to this sight…

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