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Hard and fast rules

A World Apart


[hahrd-n-fast, –fahst]

Seesynonymsforhard-and-faston Thesaurus.com


strongly binding; not to be set aside or violated:hard-and-fast rules

I had a wandering thought this morning, as many of mine are, about hard and fast rules. I can ‘t tell you why as that was many hours ago. But the thought stuck.

Perhaps it came from remembering a discussion with someone awhile ago about strict upbringings.

Or perhaps it came from another discussion about firm-minded (I won’t say closed) and open-mindedness.

And then the question came: are people who are firm-minded and have hard and fast rules likely to have a stronger moral compass?

I fall on the softer side of everything. But I admire those others. I used to strive to be more that way, and actually made progress over the years.

But now I just play at it. I mean I am…

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A World Apart

Go in peace – you’ve earned your rest

Yesterday along with millions around the world, I sat and watched the pomp and ceremony of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. It was 10 pm here and 11 am in London, so I sat in bed to watch the ceremony. And marvelled again at the splendour, the tradition,and the precisionAnd once again thought that onlyBritain can carry out something this magnificent, this well

142 Royal Navy sailors pulled the gun carriage holding the flag-draped coffin to and from the Abbey. I am sure this is the day those chosen young sailors will never forget.

The streets of the Capital were lined with thousands of those British people who felt so highly of their queen that they wanted to be present in any way possible on her final journey. And so from far away New Zealand I watched this ceremony. I was…

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