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A World Apart

It’s Friday here in New Zealand and the first Friday of the month. So please join me for a little lightheartedness.
My five words?


Spring officially stars here in New Zealand on September 21 this year. But for most of us, September 1 heralds the long waited start to Spring and the hopes/dreams of a respite from the rainy winter we have just endured and thoughts of long summer days and evenings spent sipping cold G&Ts on the deck. Well the thoughts are mine. I can hardly wait for it to be warm enough to sit outside.

But whether you’re a September 1 or 21 kind of person, when it comes to the start of spring, rest assured the weather won’t necessarily go along with either.The seasons will unfold as they will, paying no attention to our efforts to constrain them for convenience.

JB September 2, 2022
Wellington, New…

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