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A World Apart

Chris has recently been entertaining/educating us with new words. Well you know I like playing with words, and I love Alliteration.  

Several years ago I read a novel by Sean Chercover, calledTrigger City.I remember nothing about the book but I made a note of this alliteration“Flower-boxes displayed dying dwarf dahlias in differing degrees of decay”Isn’t that wonderful?

Alliteration is defined as “The repetition of the leading consonant sound in each word throughout a sentence or a phrase. Alliteration is commonly used in poetry and tongue twisters. It is also sometimes used in advertising taglines and business names to make them more memorable.” according to wiki-answers and “the use of the same consonant or vowel at the beginning of each word” according to my Collins Dictionary which goes on to give the example of “round the rocks the ragged rascal ran” Alliteration in literature, prose or poetry…

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