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My Father’s Hands

A World Apart

Firstly a big thank you to all those who read, liked or commented on my Fathers’ Day post. Yes, a special man to be celebrated every day even though he is no longer here in body he is always in my mind.

So another tale of this man. Way back in 2013 I wrote about his hands. I would like to share that post here today.

”I have said before that I read and use Judy Reeves’s “A Creative Writer’s Kit” As part of this kit there is a book called ‘Prompts and Practices”. Each day of the year has a suggestion for what to write. And today’s was “Write about your father’s hands”.

Well if you have been reading or following me for a while now you will know that I consider myself the luckiest person alive in that my father was a fabulous person. I wrote about him…

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Struggles of A Dreamer – the novel

Chris, walking and reading – but not at the same time.

A World Apart

Well, that JB wrote a lovely sentimental post yesterday about her Dad. Touched my heart as well as my ducts.

Today, I want to tell you about my day – yesterday.

It may be September but we are still experiencing some 30ish days with humidity. Too hot to walk outside for any length of time.

So, as we do, my SIL and I met for coffee with two others at our Cafe then we headed off to one of our malls. Lots of room to stride in a cool environment. On the way into the mall I noticed an eatery (read Pancake Breakfast place) I was not aware of previously.

So we decided to do one round of the mall (2500 steps), go in for breakfast/lunch, then do at least another round post dining. Then she was off home and I went for another round.

One of my favourite stores…

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