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Murder She Wrote

Way back in June my blogging friend Chris at bridgesburning wrote about Jessica Fletcher the writer/protagonist in the series “Murder She Wrote”.  Chris has apparently always wanted to be like Jessica and very kindly named me as being like the redoubtable Mrs Fletcher.  Note – all those years ago she was Mrs not Ms.

Jessica Fletcher aka Angela Lansbury

We have a TV channel here that shows repeats of old series and guess what, “Murder She Wrote” has recently turned up on it.  But it just isn’t the same as when I used to watch it with the children.  Guess it’s like going back to a great place where you once holidayed only to find it is not as you remember it.

There is of course a whole slew of new programmes (well new to us anyway) and of course, as we are going into the doldrums, silly season summer, the powers that make the decisions will decide to fill our screens and lives with more reruns.

So we will watch reruns of Waking the Dead and Spooks and reasonably new episodes of series from the US, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Castle, NCIS etc and hope that the sun shines and we can spend most evenings sitting outside without the TV.  But I must admit that some of those programmes are habit forming, and I have them recorded and set to record for future episodes so that I can always blob out on a wet afternoon catching up on the antics of the Criminal Minds BAU team.

Abby - NCIS

Abby in NCIS

I particularly love the quirky females in some of these programmes.

Penelope Garcia

Garcia in Criminal Minds

“A woman is like a tea bag:
you cannot tell how strong she is
until you put her in hot water. ”
Eleanor Roosevelt