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What is Life?

We often ask ourself this question.  Recently I came across this perspective on life in a book “Even Eagles Need A Push” by David McNally.  Read it and then check out your response to each of the statements:

Life is a gift ….accept it
Life is an adventure ….dare it
Life is a mystery….unfold it
Life is a game….play it
Life is a struggle….face it
Life is beauty….praise it
Life is a puzzle….solve it
Life is opportunity….take it
Life is sorrowful….experience it
Life is a song….sing it
Life is a goal….achieve it
Life is a mission….fulfil it

And to this I add my own comment
Life is for living….live it.

And the following have been contributed by other bloggers –

Life is for loving….give it – JessieJeanine
Life is a story….tell it  – Lenore Diane

The author is unknown but it seems to me that he had cracked the code and answered the question What Is Life in the best possible way.

I have now printed this out, laminated it and put it on the wall of the study where I can see it every day.

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