Singing The Blues

Lovely memories

A World Apart

On Friday Chris told us about the total shutdown in Canada and that she was singing the blues all afternoon. Since that time I can’t get that song out of my mind. My ears are full of it. And so it takes me back to 1957 in London.

I had left school and was about to be married when a young Tommy Steele hit the airwaves with the songSinging the Blues.

The song had been recorded the year before by Guy Mitchell, a well-known artist from the United States but here we had our own homegrown boy singing as well and even better than a well-known singer. This was before the Beatles and before any of the Boybands became famous.

I remember I bought a copy of the disc and how my parents hated it. And of course, this was before Elvis hit the headlines.

He, Elvis, sent my…

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  1. It feels quite inspirational to be blue to music

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