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Well I Never

Chris is singing the blues

A World Apart

Some days it is just too hard to hang on to a Pollyanna persona.

Yesterday, as many of you probably know our whole country, Canada from sea to shining sea went down.

One of our largest providers for television, and internet, for the whole suddenly failed. Correction – they are according to their site Canada’s largest provider of wireless voice and data communications. No service. Rogers.

People could not debit anything, transfer funds, pay bills on line, or buy retail unless they used another provider. I directly to my bank to get cash, but many others could not.

Can you imagine how many millions or billions were lost to companies. I sought to buy a lottery ticket, figuring all this bad luck could be lucky, and could not because the lottery corporation used this company. **It wasn’t.

My cell was fine because I use Telus a different provider, but I…

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