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In my Park 11 years ago

Chis reminiscing about her grandsons

A World Apart

Yesterday JB told us about age catching up, reminding us. Funniest thing. i found myself in the same position, bereft of energy,, and like her having to recuperate for a couple of days.

So, I spent yesterday and today, reading, writing, and remembering. Days when I was loved and treasured by two wee boys who thought Grandma was pretty special.

They are busy growing up now. Teenagers. Too sophisticated to adore anyone with the purity of the child. As it should be.

This little piece from eleven years ago reminds me of joyous days with G1 and G2.

It’s a wonderful thing when a three year old finds his voice and language; words, sentences and phrases flow – nonstop; and his brother has reached a level of sophistication where he assists, guides and helps direct the care of the whirling dervish nuclear explosion his sibling has become. Three is an…

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Amanda in France: Fire in the Cathedral

A World Apart

A book review

I have just finished reading Darlene Foster’s latest book. The ninth in the series about a young Canadian girl, her best friend Leah, and their world wide adventures.

This time the young ladies are in Paris with Leah’s Scottish Aunt Jenny.

Although the story is geared to a younger audience I found the tale gripping. Nicely laced with facts about Paris, twists and turns and intrigue.

I held my breath at some scenes, cheered at others, and got teary at one particular scene at the fire.

Darlene Foster has delivered a tale that will appeal to all age groups.

And I for one cannot wait to see what this young heroine gets up to next.

I rate this book a five out of five.

So from here at North of 43 I recommend you treat yourself to a great book!

Chris G July 7th ’22

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