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A Day in the Park

My sister of choice reading my author of choice

A World Apart

A lovely summery day, a Sunday called for a day in the park.

The kind of day to walk, read, write, and lunch.

I packed an apple, a slice of lemon poppyseed loaf, and a water bottle with frozen blueberries, a small towel, and my current book, Lost, by Michael Robotham.

Recently JB, my partner here at A World Apart, told us about Robotham and his fabulous novels.

I had never read this author before, but the minute I read the first line I was hooked. I connected immediately and could understand why JB said she started reading and stayed reading for eight hours straight. Except for the necessary breaks of course. *Read cups of tea here.

I planned a few hours.

My preferred spot is on an island in the middle of the park, It’s where I write.

Except today

My island is now occupied by Tent City. By…

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The Day That Age Caught UP

A World Apart

It is easy to forget one’s age when life’s going along smoothly. But just occasionally, we have to stand back and say “I am not 34 or even 64, but 84”. And today my age caught up with me.

A weekend worrying and caring for my friend, driving backwards and forwards 50 km each way a couple of times and then this evening I came to a standstill. Or more accurately, a “shake still”. Having had a long lunch with another friend I arrived home to find my legs and arms were shaking and I couldn’t walk away from the car. I don’t usually park at the door but today I did.

So forgive me if I reblog a post from July 5, 2017, from my other blog – Growing Younger Each day. The title is More New Words. I am most definitely a logophile.

So until the next…

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