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Thursday’s Thoughts

Random thoughts running around my head.

A World Apart

My turn to write a blog today and I am faced with a blank screen and an equally blank mind.

This morning I read this from Nancy atNot Quite Oldand I started thinking back to all the posts I have written on fiction with a limit on number of words or sentences.

When asked, ‘How do you write?’ I invariably answer,
‘one word at a time.’ Stephen King

For years I have followed Tara atThin spiral notebook.Each week she set us a prompt and the challenge was to write fiction using a specified word in 100 words, no more, no less.Quite a challenge always. Tara hasn’t posted a challenge for a couple of years.I miss it.

Then there was Five Sentence Fiction.A whole story in five sentences on a given subject.Here is one I did onInferno.Once again, this group has ceased to be…

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Can I Say?

Christine can’t sleep and resorts to poetry

A World Apart

I woke when I thought

The night was done.

Looked at the clock

It was only one.

What pulled me away?

What woke me up

What caused my thoughts

To stir the cup?

Can I say, perhaps

A brilliant thought?


Alas, I cannot.

Simply stated

And for naught

The blogging fact

Is I forgot.

My day to blog

Though I am tired,

I got it in

Under the wire.

So, from North of 43

I once again

Go off to sleep

And to you send


Chris G July ’22

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