Orphan Annie follow-up

I love that I have a tenuous relationship to Orphan Annie through my sister.

A World Apart

Yesterday JB’s post was about friendship and serendipity and all about how closely we are intertwined and don’t even realize it. JB referred to my Orphan Annie story and so from 5 years ago here is the story and circumstance as referenced. Thanks to JB for taking me back in time.

Research is a wonderful thingand there is always a story within a story, within a story. The very word ‘research’ tickles something deep in my cerebral cortex. I have discovered that nothing comes to fruition on one’s own. Links are found and must be followed and where they lead may not be anywhere close to where you thought you wanted to go. And sometimes in a very round about fashion they take you right back to exactly where you wanted to go in the first place,

Do you believe in serendipity; chance occurrences that result in a…

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