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Five things I learned this week

Thoughts on friendship.

A World Apart

As mentioned previously this was the week that Moonwatcher51 came to visit for a few days. My intrepid friend, the Road Warrior as I call her, is a traveller. The original ’a rolling stone gathers no moss’ idea.

And she does it alone, accompanied by her trusty companion Rizzo, who is about the most perfect dog I have ever met. Quiet, pleasant minded. I guess that description applies to both of them. Laid back and at the same time accomplishing amazing things.

Okay so what did I learn?

  • When your Keurig dies the day she is to arrive, it is possible to make a passable cup of coffee with fine grind in a French Press. (I wasn’t sure of the amount of coffee to water, but if it was a problem, my guest was too polite to say so.
  • Even when it has been years since last visits (another friend…

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