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Fumbling on Friday!

Friday”s Thoughts

A World Apart

“Sitting to think of what to write will only set your ass on fire, give you a headache, twist your face to look stupid.
Instead, walk around with a blank mind and something from somewhere will fill it up.”
Michael Bassey Johnson, Author, Poet, Entrepreneur 1994 –

On a beautiful autumn Friday, I made my way north on the recently completed multibillion-dollar highway.Until early last month, getting to my son’s house some 45km from mine, followed the road through suburbs, towns, and small villages, with, of course, the ubiquitous/necessary traffic lights on the way.Now, it’s non-stop and quite an interesting drive.In places, the road sits high above the populated areas.The only other time I have been on the road I was a passenger and so could see what was beneath us.As a driver I was amazed at the engineering work carried out to bring this road into being.


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Wednesday Worries

A World Apart

If a problem is fixable, if a situation is such that
can do something about it, then there is no need to worry.
If it’s not fixable, then there is no help in worrying.
There is no benefit in worrying whatsoever.”
Dalai Lama XIV

As usual, I have plenty to say today but nothing to tell you.

Should I tell you about my friend with MS?Unfailingly cheerful and even though she can get out only in her very smart motorised wheelchair, she is living life to the fullest.We meet for lunch every second Tuesday, either at her house or at a restaurant. It’s difficult to get her into the wheelchair as one leg is like a tree trunk.There’s no movement at all.Luckily, at least for her if not for Rhys her neighbour, his full-time carer will come in and help Carol into the chair. Then she is off.We walk together…

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A Public Holiday in NZ commemorating those fallen at Gallipoli.

A World Apart

Anzac Day is celebrated in New Zealand and Australia. Many attend the Dawn Ceremonies around the country This is a very important day in our history. So on this day, I can do nothing better than copy from my other blog the post from three years ago April 25, 2019.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,
WeWillRemember Them.”
English poet, dramatist and art scholar.

Last post being sounded at North Beach, Gallipoli.
Photo Mike Bowers, Sydney Morning Herald

April 25 in New Zealand and Australia is celebrated in remembrance of all those who have fought, suffered and died in wars. In both countries, it is a Public Holiday. Services ofRemembranceare held throughout both lands. And on this day, in…

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Yesteryear: when it was an honour to serve the sick

Read Chris is thoughts on Kerr and caring. I suspect it’s the same the world over.

A World Apart

congregation Sister's of St. Joseph

In 1978I had the privilege of working for the Sisters of St. Joseph in Brantford, Ontario where I remained for almost twenty years. Then, as now, each workplace had its own ambiance, and culture, but the emphasis then had an awful lot to do with respect. Not just in Healthcare but in business. And not just for bosses but for everyone.

Thosewere the days when treating employees well, resulted in happier employees and happier results. Employee retention was important indicating a well-trained, knowledgeable, productive and stable work environment.

Inthose days, at least in my world, one felt valued, and performed accordingly. Doing a good job was self-rewarding.

The Sisterslived on the fifth floor of the hospital and were an intricate part of daily hospital life. They had a vegetable garden and often cooked up wonderful soups for everyone. It wasn’t unusual to come on the night…

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Friday’s Find

Eat bread and understand comfort.
Drink water, and understand delight.

A World Apart

Lonely Planet has named Wellington as the best destination in New Zealand, labelling the city “one of the coolest little capitals in the World”.And those of us who choose to live here heartily agree.

We have a mixed population of every religion, class, caste, and ethnicity.It is a thriving, bustling small city far away from the madding crowds of Europe and America, and many people desire to live here.And many. including many refugees come to make their homes here.

Because of this, we have a multitude of ethnic restaurants, from top-class silver service restaurants to cafes serving workmen on their lunch breaks and everything in between.

This wasn’t the case when we first arrived here 50 years ago.Then,

although the Capital, Wellington was very much the distant runner up to the bigger and noisier Auckland. But all has changed now.Wellington is truly a cosmopolitan city.

One of the joys, of…

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The Short Life of

What’s to say? That beautiful dog will be missed

A World Apart

For a dog, I guess I can’t say it was a short life, but for a treasure that gave only love and adoration, without judgement or condition, it was indeed a short time.

Her name is Bree and she in fact was named after The Short Life of Bree Tanner, by Stephanie Meyer that came out in 2010. Not because her life was expected to be short but because Bree is such a cool name.

My daughter-in-law and I are fans of the Twilight Series and the Short Life of Bree Tanner was a novella spun from that series.

Baby Bree

Dear old girl Bree

Grand old dame

And of course my favourite of all time!

I don’t have to say she will be missed. But what will be missed even more in a world so lacking right now, is pure unadulterated love.

So from North of 43, on this…

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 The Day The Rain Came

A World Apart

Wherever you go, no matter what the weather,
always bring your own sunshine.”

Anthony J D’Angelo. American author

For farmers across the country, the rain that fell overnight was welcome. This year summer with its heat has continued well into April. But the usual summer showers have not.

Easterusually,is celebrated(?)with a wet tentand holidaymakerslooking for somewhere to go.But not this year.It was a perfect four-day break,sunny, warm and delightful.

I think back on the Easters when the children were younger. We had a boat that we kept at Lake Taupo some 300 km from Wellington. and so on Thursday of Easter, we would pack up the car and take off for the weekend. We always hoped it would be four good days and we could get out on the lake and do some fishing or water skiing; however it so rarely worked out that way.Mostly it was…

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Perceptions of a near perfect day..

What makes a near perfect day for you?

A World Apart

Ah, the near perfect day is one that ends with a sense of accomplishment, achievement, and aggrandizement.

So what gives this illusion in spite of 2 days of driving snow when it should be golf not shovelling on the schedule?

Declaring myself snowed in (not really true except in my mind), it was a perfect day to write. And I did. Not for hours and hours but long enough to lovingly flesh out a new character who is turning out to be more important than I thought.

Bubbles: not the fermented kind but served in a wine glass I swear makes this water absolutely luxurious. To satisfy my thirst for knowledge – sort of.

Some domestic effort in the day, what JB and I call our ’15 minutes’. See, we figure that 15 minutes a day will result in a perpetually perfect home.

Today, for some reason the…

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Q is for …

Tuesday from A World Apart

A World Apart

One of the bloggers that I follow is Cindy at Cindy Ricksgers . She lives on Beaver Island, a small island in Michigan. I love reading her posts. Her life is totally different to mine. Currently, Cindy is diligently following the April A-Z Chllenge. Today her word was Q

Cindy chose Quarantine, a word that we are all familiar wih since the eruption of Covid into our lives. Up until now, I have been aware of quarantine only twice in this long life. Once as a very small child I had Scarlet Fever and was quarantined in the Fever Hospital for I don’t know how long. No memories of the disease or the time spent in the hospital. The second occasion was when we left Scotland to live in New Zealand. Rebel, our cocker spaniel, was part of our family – we had him before David – and so…

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It’s a quiet Easter morning at north of 43

Deep Easter thoughts from Chris today

A World Apart

And my thoughts are contemplative

None of the hustle and bustle of years gone by

Just moments of thought

I think about forgiveness, and sin, and error

And who we really need to seek forgiveness from.

I Believe but I also wonder

Do we need God’s forgiveness?

Or each others’ forgiveness?

Or is the answer in forgiving self?

I wonder if when we hurt another in our humaness,

And we all do, intentionally or not

(I suspect most often it is not)

If the only salvation is ourselves.

I Believe but I also believe God’s Love

Is but a part of the forgiveness

We all require at one time or another.


Chris G April 17th ’22

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