Seeing your reflection in words

Chris, deep in thought again!

A World Apart

Have you ever started to read something and been taken aback/astounded/puzzled that you find your self looking at, well, yourself?

That happened to me this morning when I was reading an article about Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlinson, two of my favourite women, especially in their roles in Grace and Frankie.

“My dad was married five times,”the actress, 83, recently toldHarper’s Bazaarin an“Explains it All” video. “So I stopped at three, realizing that I just wasn’t dealt a hand that made me good at relationships.

She attributes losing herself in those relationships to a natural chameleonic quality, which she explained inBazaar’s print interview. “Part of the reason I get into a relationship with a man is because I feel that he can take me down a new path,” she said. “I’m attracted to people who can teach me things and…

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3 responses to “Seeing your reflection in words

  1. Love Grace and Frankie, too and looking forward to the new season.

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  2. Turns out they are the same best friends off camera!

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