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Well for goodness sake -A plot afoot? And A Thank You

As Chris says, there can never be too many thank yous on either or any of my blogs

A World Apart

Before we get on with the nonsense of the day Judith Baxter, and I, Chris Gingerich, want to express our thanks to all who have joined us, visited us, commented, and just been darn nice.

When we did our first post on November 21, 2021 we weren’t sure what would happen but the very idea of two women, different backgrounds, mutual admiration and respect, and a refusal to recognize that age means old, decided to celebrate our worlds, our minds (when we haven’t lost them), A World Apart, and invite you in for the ride. And YOU have enriched that experience with every click and comment. JB and I celebrate our differences and likenesses we share with you. So in almost six months we have had 7,923 views, and 117 followers to whom I must also thank for sharing your world with us. It doesn’t matter where those numbers stand…

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