Two Live Chats and a Telephone Call


Today I received an email from Microsoft telling me that Office 365 was due for renewal on February 3.  However, on December 5 last I received a similar email.  As it appeared that I had two accounts I decided to sort this out.  Easier said than done.

Well at 6.45 pm I got onto Live Chat and after waiting for a while connected with one of their ‘experts’.  This chap was totally unable to help and finished the chat after telling me that my account was due for renewal.  He then closed chat.

I tried again.  This time I had a very helpful person who agreed that yes, somehow I had two accounts and I should just go ahead and cancel the one due for renewal in February.  After disconnecting from this chat I attempted to cancel the account unsuccessfully.

So this time, I found a telephone number to call.  A local number that went through to the Philippines. A young lady was very keen to assist but her English was hard to follow.  After many repeats of her comments and answers to my questions, several protracted waits while she checked things out ‘at her end’as she said at 9.55 pm the problem was solved at last – one of the accounts cancelled and the renewal for Office 365 was paid.  However, I’m still not convinced and will wait to see what happens when the renewal comes around -or when the credit card statement comes in.

So sorry no time for a newsy post today.  And having returned home at around 6 pm I still haven’t looked at Week 1 of the course and we are already two days into the week.  Perhaps that can be bedtime reading tonight.  Dealing with Microsoft has tired me out more that the 7 hours driving did. Waterfall

 I really needed the quiet sound of water running over rocks to calm me down.



14 responses to “Two Live Chats and a Telephone Call

  1. Yes, where is that tech guy when you need one? The fellow I was dealing with yesterday was a bit annoying as his tone in his emails was ” have you plugged your computer to a power source, that thingy in the wall?” I feel your pain. Today will be a better day.

  2. Those kinds of calls are draining!

  3. I find those types of calls so exhausting. However, a 7 hour drive would have sent me to curl up and nap for a few hours.

  4. I wish I could add up all the time I spend sorting tech issues. It’s supposed to make us more efficient and save time but I’m convinced these kinds of headaches add up.

  5. Good luck! It is frustrating when you have trouble understanding the English and then you throw tech stuff in and it is confusing.

  6. Tech “support” does have a way of wearing one out!

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