It Has Arrived


“There   are three rules for writing a novel. Unfotunately.  nobody knows what they are. W Somerset Maugham  “

The long awaited day is here. The fiction writing course starts today and lasts for eight weeks. Pencils sharpened, new notebooks ready, mind cleared of extraneous matter and ready to go.  Well I think my study buddies, Chris, Donna and Joss will be at that stage, me? I’m still swanning around in Tauranga. The weather has turned and the rain has been falling on and off all day.  The farmers will be pleased but not so the holidaymakers or the 1800 passengers off the Sea Princess that docked here this morning. How sad that they’ve missed the good days, but I’m sure the retailers are making them welcome.

So tomorrow I shall leave my friends and make the six hour drive home. It’s strange how we begin to look forward to going to our own home when we have been away for a while. And my little bolt hole is becoming more like home.

So then I shall read all the information on the course that I received today and the next day I shall get into the course – pencils sharpened, new notebook ready, mind cleared of extraneous clutter (wishful thinking?) and ready to go.




10 responses to “It Has Arrived

  1. Let me know when you figure out how to clear the mind of extraneous clutter!
    Sharpened pencils and a new notebook sound inspiring.

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  2. Atta girl, and fresh coffee. Fresh coffee will help. Or maybe tea is what kick starts your day?


  3. You’re going to do great…i can’t wait to hear about it!


  4. You will be at the top of the class! Love the warning too!


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