Another Day

Well this summer sunshine is staying with us. I’m now with some other friends in Tauranga.  Being careful not to outstay my welcome. We all know friends who stay are like fish. The first day fine…….

So now at the end of a day of socialising it’s time to take myself off to bed leaving my host to watch cricket on th TV and his wife to finish her book.

By this time tomorrow I may have found something interesting to write about.

And as WordPr Ess is playing up again – goodnight


8 responses to “Another Day

  1. Though I’ve done my best to set up things in advance to write about, finding blog material for every single day is HARD! Sometimes my “givens” – the day I talk about my art, or the 30-day creative fire challenge – are tedious, and it feels like an awful school assignment. I hate to just give a recitation of my daily activities, though I have resorted to that. This is going to be a challenge, this writing every day this year thing!

  2. I love thinking of you in the summer sun. Sigh. 🙂 I am excited about tomorrow! Or is that your today?

  3. I had to look up where Tauranga is. Looks very nice, and you sound like you would be the perfect guest. A little space for everyone is a great idea. Come to Winnipeg (in the summer) and I’ll show you around. Come when Chris visits and we will tear the country side up! Ha. Funny image. Running amok on tractors!

    • Wouldn’t that be great. I’ve never been to Winnipeg. I did live in Montreal for a short time but didn’t get to your part of that vast country. Look forward to it (sometime?)

  4. so lovely that you are enjoying yourself.

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