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Contagious Creativity

I read this post today from Marylin Warner on Things I Want to Tell My Mother.  What a great idea.  I really hope that some struggling writer/artist/mother, reads this and makes application to The Sustainable Arts Foundation without delay.  Think how many lives can be changed.  Just to have enough money to be able to attend a conference and meet other writers, or pay for child care, materials etc.

I imagine the excitement of a mother suddenly having the means to pursue her creative ambitions and Contagious Creativity really would describe what was going on and how the mother would feel at a conference.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention Marylin.



Saturday’s Meeting

Sandy hardly slept on Friday night. She kept thinking of the next day, what she would say, what Barbara would say and of course, what would she wear.  She was keen to appear to be a woman in charge of herself when she met this young woman and dressing well would help her feel in charge as well as appearing so.  Women will understand this.

She was ready a couple of hours before she had to leave.  Cathy was to pick her up at 11.30 and drive her to the mall.  Sandy was very pleased they had made this decision; she didn’t think she would be fit to drive today.  Lack of sleep, a strong black coffee and no breakfast were working their mayhem. She wandered around the house, tidying where there was no need, straightening the cushions and polishing the kitchen benches.  Mindless things to fill up the time until Cathy arrived.

Sandy was out of the door before the car had stopped.  Cathy of course, was very calm and attempted to calm Sandy.  She spoke quietly encouraging Sandy.  They spoke only of the coming meeting and how it might work out.  Then they were at the mall and parking the car.  With a hug Cathy helped Sandy out of the car and they went towards the coffee shop.

Sandy looked around and immediately spotted the young woman from the photograph she had sent.  They made their way to the table.  The young woman jumped up to hug Cathy only to be told that was the wrong woman.  Of course, she hadn’t received a photograph and made an assumption.

Laughter and apologies over the mistake and the three women sat down.  Coffee was ordered and the questions started.  So many questions from Sandy and as many from Barbara.  Sandy of course was trying to determine whether she could be this young woman’s mother.  Barbara said that since she had communicated with Sandy she had questioned her parents more about the adoption and now knew about the home, where it was and abut the priest who had introduced Sandy to the people who ran the home.

She told Sandy about her life with her adoptive parents whom she called Mum and Dad.  They had no other children and were very good to her.  Even though she had no siblings she was part of a large extended family; many aunts, uncles and cousins.  Life had been good to her.

When asked why she decided to track down her mother, she said it had been something she had thought about for several years but only recently had discussed it with her parents.  They encouraged her and in fact it was her father who had suggested that they should see if the house was still there performing the same function.  The three of them went together having made an appointment to speak to the woman in charge.  Of course, after so many years it wasn’t the same woman and she had no knowledge of Sandy.  However, she promised to do some investigating and let them know what if anything she found out.

Several weeks later, after they had given up any hope of hearing from her, they received a letter giving them the name and location of the priest and also her birth mother’s name.  Then it was up to them to trace her.

After several more attempts they were successful and here they were.

Sandy was overjoyed as was Barbara.  They talked and laughed together, beginning to get to know each other.  Then it was time to leave.  They promised to keep in touch.  Sandy still had some decisions to make about telling her son, her friends and her estranged husband would also have to be told.

They hugged for a final time and all left the coffee shop, Sandy and Cathy going to Cathy’s car and Barbara moving off in the other direction.  Once in the car it occured to Sandy that Barbara hadn’t told them where she lived and how…..