Kangaroo and joey

Kangaroo and joey

More fun with words today.  Do you know the term kangaroo words?  A kangaroo word carries within its spelling (in normal order) a small word that is a perfect synonym for itself.   The etymology of the phrase kangaroo word is derived from the fact that kangaroos carry their young (known as joeys) in a body pouch; hence kangaroo words carry their joey words within themselves.

An example of this is Blossoms – note that it contains in the right order the synonym Blooms or Respite and Rest.

Here are some others to have fun with:

  1. Evacuate
  2. Encourage
  3. Prosecute
  4. Calumnies
  5. Indolent
  6. Diversified
  7. Rampage
  8. Matches
  9. Joviality
  10. Container.

and the answers –

  1. vacate
  2. urge
  3. sue
  4. lies
  5. idle
  6. divers
  7. rage
  8. mates
  9. joy
  10. can

And if that is not enough, what can you do with –

  1. rapscallion
  2. prattle
  3. perambulate
  4. pinioned
  5. regulates
  6. splotches
  7. slithered
  8. perimeter
  9. curtail
  10. respite.Clapping hands

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I am going away for a few days vacation now that the big red Santa boot is off, so I shall not be posting on my blog for a week.  But watch this space – I shall have plenty to share with you when I return.

Oh and I have just had a recollection – Captain Kangaroo when my children were growing up in Montreal.  Whatever happened to him?


28 responses to “Kangaroos

  1. Love the thought of kangaroo words. First time I have heard of it but will not forget it.. Thanks!

  2. Have a good time on your vacation. Safe travels.

  3. Congratulations on losing the big red boot! I will have to study this post further as my brain is not functioning properly tonight. Will miss you over the next few days – but have fun!

    • Hi Judith. My brain is in gear again and your word “game” is great fun and so uncanny that the joey words are hidden inside. You are truly the most versatile blogger I have encountered, so since I have been awarded that distinction, I would like to pass on to you the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my blog when you get home – the one called Promoting Pride in Blogging. Hope you had an engaging weekend. Dor

      • Home again after a few days away visiting friends.
        Great friends, fabulous food and wine and good weather. What more can one ask for. And a special thinks for the award. I have been over to your blog and left you a thank you there too.

  4. Thanks for the mention and have a great vacation!

  5. Wow – Kangaroo words are neat, Judith! I’m ashamed it took me awhile to get some of them. So glad you included the answers.
    Have a wonderful vacation.

    P.S. Captain Kangaroo and Mr. Green Jeans were my favorite folks to see on TV, as a kid. Good times.

    • Hi again Lenore. Did you get the others I posted? I plan to give the answers in the next blog I write so.(drum roll)..watch this space.
      Was there also a looby lu in the team of Captain Kagaroo?

  6. Good stuff–I hadn’t heard of Kangaroo words before.

    I remember Captain Kangaroo from growing up in the US. As I recall he had this big grandfather clock he would consult. And I seem to recall something about Mr. Green Jeans getting busted for drugs sometime in the 70s.

    • My children really loved Captain Kangaroo and started each day with a visit to his place. How innocent were those times compared to now. And how sad about Mr Green Jeans.

  7. You do love words! Great brain ticklers and so well done!

  8. Wow, Judith! Lots of information in this short post. My children watched Captain Kangaroo, too. We loved him. He died quite a while ago. Bob Keeshan was his name. Have a lovely vacation. You’ve earned it after hauling the red boot around. And last, thank you for the kangaroo words. I’d never heard of them. I’m going to return to the last list in a bit and try my luck.

    • I will post the answers to the last list. I had my friends (with whom I stayed for a few days) try their hand at the answers. Lots of fun and laughter.

  9. You know, I never knew there was such a thing as kangaroo words. How interesting. I love that I learn so many new things here. Hope you have a wonderful trip!

  10. What a fantastic concept! Love it! Thanks for telling us about kangaroo words – I shall be on the look-out for them from now on. Have a great time on vacation, and now you don’t have the boot on, you can kick up your heels!

  11. I loved Captain Kangaroo! Never heard of kangaroo words though…a good game for the brain! Enjoy your trip!

    • Thanks back from the trip refreshed and ready to read all the faboulous blogs that arrived in my in box while I was away. Glad you enjoyed kangaroo words.

  12. Love those kanga words! 🙂

  13. I never heard of kangaroo words – how fun! I couldn’t get all of the last list, I’m ashamed to admit. Have a great vaca!

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