Very Seductive

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?
Albert Einstein

Research is seductive.  We know that little can be written without some research and so I love the internet.  It gives me access to all kinds of information at my fingertips and I no longer have to spend hours in a library doing the research.  But it is truly seductive.  I often find myself following one lead after another and then some time later find I haven’t actually written anything.

In this way I find that research can take all day and fill my head with all kinds of facts but nothing has been written.  The screen is still blank as it was when I sat down to write.

And we can never say “I have touched every base and now am ready to write.” We know that it is not possible to have touched every base.  So we do have to set some limits on ourselves.

Now when I sit down at the computer and the idea that I am formulating for an article or a blog needs some research I do set a limit for researching.  I also ask myself the questions:

  • How long do I have to produce the item/article
  • How much time will be spent in research and
    what can I expect to achieve in that time
  • How much time will it take to write?

At the end of the time allotted to research I tell myself that I now have enough information to write my article or blog and just accept that I do.

But perhaps at a later date, I will return to the research if this is a subject about which I care deeply.  Perhaps I will never really stop researching and studying it, but for now I will have enough information and shall just write.

The other alternative is to make the mistake of doing no research and just accepting what has been told one as truth.  We know that this is the way in which bogus facts get promulgated either to our friends and family or through the medium of the internet or other social network sites.  I have made this mistake quite recently in my blog ‘Stupidity Reigns’ and shall not do so a second time.

So I shall continue to carry out research on each subject I choose to write about and hopefully, control the time used in this way.  And then (again) hopefully, I will produce some articles/blogs worth reading.

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21 responses to “Very Seductive

  1. seductive is the right word for sure. I can get lured in from one concept to another and………, like you, I set a time limit. but oh, the temptation. Someone once told me I was an “information slut” hee hee.


  2. The internet is the ‘techno’ version of the telephone game. I often wonder how accurate Wikipedia is – makes me nervous that so many people base their information on it. Frankly, we base a great deal of our information from we get online. Yes, seductive is an appropriate word choice.


    • I too wonder how good and accurate is Wikipedia. But I start here usually and then wander off into other more precise sites dealing with only the subject I am researching.


  3. Oh how I can identify with this! So reassuring to know that I am not alone.


  4. Some of us are good at research. That’s what my CEO/HR directors loved about me. I’d throughly find out anything/everything on a product/costs associated with project and let them make educated decisions based upon my research. Sometimes I enjoy it, and sometimes not so much. Whatever the case, you always end up learning something.

    Lake Forest, CA


  5. It is nice to have so much information at our fingertips. I, too, can get carried away and see the minutes turn into an hour…or more


  6. Sometimes I wish I could just keep going in the research — it’s fun and interesting, occasionally enlightening. Love the Einstein quote — it’s up in my office, where I do medical research :), sometimes using Wikipedia … really, though, only for terminology. Really.


  7. i understand the seduction, too, specifically regarding food and health. I scour the internets for information on the best diet and the best natural products to balance hormones, which in return will help me feel my best mentally and physically. maybe that makes me more of a skeptic, though, because I do not easily accept what doctors and the media tell us (ie. eat loads of dairy and meat, take pharmaceutical pills, etc.).

    great post! hope all is well in your neck of the woods.


    • Hi – all is well here and research is alive and well in my house. I don’t readily accept what doctors and the media tell us either, I have to do some research of my own. But hey, as my late husband would say, it keeps me out of the shops!


  8. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.


  9. I enjoyed Stupidity and think you do not have to strive to write better blogs worth just do it and when a correction is needed you get an even better blog out of it!


  10. Being a scientist, this is a subject close to my heart…And unfortunately, researching accurate information takes time. Wikipedia is a great resource, but depending on the content and how much checking has gone on, it can be completely misleading.
    In science, the checking system is called peer-review, and is a key stage of how new knowledge gets validated or not. Basically specialists (your peers) check your data, and whatever conclusions you draw from them and see if they agree. Then your results have to be reproducible, and only then are your conclusions accepted. All this takes time and effort, and in these days when everything has to be fast and effortless, it is sometimes a battle to keep it going…
    You keep writing though, and your honesty is refreshing!
    PS. Hope you had a good vacation?


    • I have friends who talk about peer review in their work – yes, they are scientists too. I do spend hours on research because when I tell people on the other side of the world about our country (Godzone/Aotearoa) I want them to have as much accurate information as possible. But sometimes, I slip up and accept something on face value as I did in Stupidity Reigns.

      I see from your recent blogs that some of the fog is lifting in your heart and you are becoming ready to face the world again. You are strong! You can do it on your own or with Mr Nice if that is to be.


  11. Thanks Judith. It is a very scary and difficult journey to opening my heart again, but one that’s worth it, especially for Mr Nice (so far)…


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