Home again!

Having returned from a short, 5-day vacation I arrived home this morning and switched on the computer.  Oh my.  I was confronted by 720 unread emails, of which some 700 were from my prolific blogging buddies.  It is now 3pm and apart from a 15 minute sandwich break, I have been sitting here since 11.30am reading your many and varied posts.  Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, and if I don’t post a comment it isn’t because I haven’t read your post it is because there are just too many to comment upon.

So, that said, please accept my apologies.  By this time tomorrow, I shall be caught up again (fingers crossed).

In my last post I left you with some kangaroo words and for those of you who played my game here are the answers.

  1. rapscallion – rascal
  2. prattle – prate
  3. perambulate – ramble
  4. pinioned – pinned
  5. regulates – rules
  6. splotches -spots
  7. slithered – slid
  8. perimeter – rim
  9. curtail – cut
    respite – restClapping handsDid you get them all?  We played the game with our hosts a few days ago.  Much laughter and hilarity ensued but not everybody got the words right.
    So now, back to reading more blogs.

18 responses to “Home again!

  1. Those kangaroo words are very clever! And welcome home….was it wonderful to be able to walk easily again?


  2. Welcome home! I hope you had a wonderful vacation! Props to you for muddling through all the emails.


    • Actually today I have decided that I really shall have to delete some and then just keep up to date with the current posts. Sorry if yours are among those deleted..


  3. Welcome home! Where was your vacation? I am leaving in 2 weeks for Cuba so I expect there will be a few hundred emails also. Hope it was a restful vaca!


    • Hi Chris. We went to Cambridge some 300 miles north of Wellington. It is in the middle of the horse breeding area of NZ and the yearling sales were on. Had a very restful few days thanks.
      Hope your trip to Cuba is great – I hadn’t realised that you were now allowed to visit there. Enjoy!


  4. Sometimes catch up is overwhelming chore I have to delete and try to keep current again.


  5. I didn’t get them all, thanks for sharing the answers. Glad you’re back, we saved your seat! I don’t like getting behind on blog reading, either; and I don’t want to miss anything. However, once in awhile, I need to do something else! lol Hope you had a wonderful trip.


    • Glad you enjoyed the game. We played it with our hosts a few days ago but they didn’t get them all either.
      Have today given in and have deleted many of the blogs that I missed. Sometimes, as Carl says, it is just too overwhelming, 🙂


  6. Whoa! I recently turned off email notification and now just use the read blog feature on WP. Has helped me.


  7. Welcome home. 🙂

    I’ve been playing catch-up too, although I don’t have a trip away as an excuse. I was so far behind I finally had to delete and start from where I am.


    • Well yes Robin, that is what I have decided to do today and so if I have missed some of your blogs, I apologise. When I turned on the computer today and today’s posts were added to those I didn’t read yesterday, I became overwhelmed and so gave in and deleted them up to the last few days.


  8. That’s a lot of emails…I’d have to delete some, too 🙂 Welcome back. I hope you get into a new groove soon!


  9. I’m finding it dificult to keep up at the moment, but 720 ! that’s a lot.
    Hope you’re feeling refreshed from your break. 🙂


    • Thanks I am refreshed but was totally overwhelmed with the emails. Unfortunately, I gave in and deleted many of them so that I can now hope to keep up once again. 😛


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