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The aftermath of pleasurable viewing

For a short time I lived in Montréal. This post and the one Chris wrote before it takes me back to that time I really hate snow and have no desire to ever to see it like that again.

A World Apart

A couple of days ago I wrote about the lovely storm, how it looked, and how cozy it was on this side of the window.

My sister – who is younger but still a LOL ( little old lady), like me is about half the size of the gent you see above.

She lives in a house that requires shovelling snow. Like me she prefers to ignore the LOL part and carry on with vital chores of life – like shovelling snow.

She has 2 of these machines, one small, one large, though both appear too large for me. She used both not just to clean her drive, deck and sidewalk but those of multiple neighbours (5 I think)

SNOWMAGEDDON: City declares ‘major snowstorm condition

This headline from The Toronto Sun says it all – and also says it will take a week to clear clogged roads. There was…

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