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Sunny Summer Sunday

Today’s thought from Paradise.

A World Apart

Just another day on the beautiful Kapiti Coast, north of Wellington.

I am dog sitting, as I told you, and once again the day has been hot, too hot to sit outside with my book and so hot that Daisy was interested in walking only in the shade. So we didn’t go to the beach, preferring the river today.

But after the pooch party on Friday where Daisy did far too much running and chasing, and playing fetch, she spent Friday afternoon and all of Saturday quietly resting. Even “get your collar” evinced no response. But today was different.

I was dictating into my phone a message to my sister in London. At one stage I said”comma” at which Daisy took off and brought her collar to me. I guess one hears what one wants to hear, dog or human, and so a walk was decided upon by my four-legged…

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A World Apart

Once upon a time, perhaps a millennia ago there were a set of stories for children called Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime stories. I suppose my Mom started reading them to me but by the age of four or five I would read them to myself.

Now why I did this, and did it repeatedly I have no idea. I think Uncle Arthur must have been a very nasty man who hated children. A lot. His stories scared the life out of me -for years. There was always a moral but even as a child I questioned the why of it. And those were the stories I repeatedly pulled down to read again and again.

One was about a little boy who had been struck by a car and lay in a hospital bed ward all bandaged up. He was in a lot of pain. Another youngster in a bed near…

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Five dogs Frolicking on Friday

A World Apart

Today, the sun’s shining, the temperature’s rising and dogs are waiting to go to the beach.

Today, Daisydog is to have a beach party with four friends. Annie and Bron are two corgis who come to visit from Wellington; Nicholas and Tyler are two Bichons who live close by my son, and all these dogs get on well together.

Get your collar, I say. And she’s ready to go.

Daisy of course, is the biggest, but not necessarily the loudest. The corgis get upset and bark loudly when Daisy goes too far out from the beach. Of course, her legs are so much longer than theirs. Very protective of friends!

Virtually deserted beach on Friday morning

The day started when the dogs and their owners, and one friend without dog, arrived for coffee. Kay brought freshly baked date scones and so we sat in the sunshine enjoying our coffee and…

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Oh, oh a palindrome and there will be others bearing in mind here we put the day first – so March, 22322, April, May, June, July, August and September.


Well I just had to reblog this magical post by Princess Rosebud, an old, old, old, (not in age you understand) WP buddy. Enjoy the magic of 2-22-22.

Uh oh, another date shrouded in portals and meaning and manifesting. This time I didn’t have the dream/reality of someone/something knocking at my …


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Welcome Wednesday

Wednesday at the beach – Here’s what I wrote.

A World Apart

Another sunny Wednesday and once again, I am at the beach minding Daisydog while her owners (my son and his wife) are at a wedding in the South Island.

And today was noticeable in that I was having lunch with a friend who appeared to have dropped off the world. No, not dropped off. Rather she and her husband had moved from a 4,000 sq ft house to a 2,500 one. So naturally, she had been busy downsizing, getting rid of stuff, and generally fighting her way through the vast number of packing boxes. And only now did she think she could invite a friend and me, to her house. I did explain that yes, we would like to see her new abode, but that wasn’t the only reason for our visit.

Friends are the siblings god forgot to give us.”
Judith. Baxter, Blogger, Grandmother and Friend
1938 -

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Mundane Musings on Monday

More ramblings from the mind of an octogenarian

A World Apart

“It is not true that people stop pursuing dreams
because they grow old. They grow old because
they stop pursuing dreams.” 
― Gabriel García Márquez,  1927-2014 –
Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist, 

Amongst the things my son gave me for Christmas was this book by Caroline de Maigret and Sophie Mas. This book, a follow up to their best seller, “How to be Parisian”, is full of wit and humour and advice on the French woman’s mindset as “she hurtles through the years”. The spirited short stories capture the various stages moving through life. It’s not a sit down and read book. It’s a go back and search for gems book. In the 2 months I have had it, I have hardly managed to break into it.

On Wrinkles, they say -” Sunshine gives you wrinkles; smiling gives you wrinkles; partying gives you wrinkles. My god, how dull…

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Why do Canadians talk so much about the weather? The CBC asked

Chris’ post today – look at the sculptures made by Mother Nature with no help from man(or even woman)!

A World Apart

In a CBC article way back in ‘13 David Phillips, a senior climatologist at Environment Canada said, ’ Canadians have plenty to talk about when it comes to weather because temperatures can vary from 40C to -50C across the country depending on the season.’

It strikes me as curious that I mention the weather so much in my posts. I guess it is partly because I like the comparison between here and NZ where Judith is in opposite season.

This morning I woke determined no reference to weather or climate would be made today. Then I looked at my news feed.


Eerie Lake Erie

Ben Tucci took these photos along the shores of Lake Erie in Dunnville, Ontario.

So as not to have wasted an opportunity to learn something new:

Lake Erie is the fourth largest of the five Great Lakes in North America according to Wiki…

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Get a Scooter

Just posted on A World Apart.  And I say Saturdays are for Soliloquies

A World Apart

I was on the way out to our book group Wine and Crime; we discuss crime books we have read and quietly enjoy some wine and nibbles. Anyway, on Thursday as I was leaving I saw my neighbour clipping back the overgrowth on the side of the joint driveway. He’s very good at doing those things.

“I just saw Cate (my daughter) going out on her electric bike” he said. “She looks very good on it.” I replied with the comment that if I were ten years younger, I would get one too. With which he responded “Get a scooter”

Photo -Getty images.

My immediate response was only old people use those. But he quickly assured me that he wasn’t thinking of an old woman’s scooter, but of a Vespa.

Thanks, I will stick to my car while I can still drive.

It’s amazing to me just what people think…

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Thursday – its for Thinking

Today’s post on A World Apart

A World Apart

Well actually Thursday is for rubber-gloving here and unfortunately, today is Thursday. But when rubber-gloving I have time for thinking and so many thoughts rush around this brain, and so quickly that many are lost before I can make sense of them or even perhaps, use one for a blogpost.

But today I am thinking about the protesters camped on Parliament grounds. This is day 10 of the protest and nothing much seems to convince them to move on. I know that in a democracy one can protest and I am in agreement to their protesting – but not if it isn’t peaceful and doesn’t impact on the lives of others.

Well, they are having a wide impact. Streets are blocked with hundreds of vehicles making getting around town almost impossible. Public transport has been rerouted, people living around Parliament have been disturbed by the constant noise, and retailers are…

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A Bit of News

This today from Chris, the other half of A World Apart/ Enjoy!

A World Apart

As you know JB’s post about her father touched me so much I actually reblogged it here and did not post my usual morning one because I wanted to be sure it would not lose front place in queue .

But I thought I would add some later thoughts about the news. Not THE NEWS – just bits and pieces here and there.


A certain prince has reached an agreement with a certain someone – HONESTLY I AM JUST TOO WEARY TO COMMENT ON THIS



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