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Building on the Past

A World Apart

My 2021

So many traditions have gone by-the-way over the years. Children have grown and flown. Daily life has become so much more singular, for more than one reason. How often do you have to repeat something before it becomes Tradition?

So each 31st on the last day of the old year I think. About. What I have done, not done, attempted, and succeeded and failed. Though failed, is not succeeding, it is simply one step closer to succeeding.

The photo above shows my journals from 2021. It’s a quick glance that reveals day-to-day, mostly not interesting things, there is no angst or wailing, but there are pleasant surprises and some downright funnies. Oh, and a few groans.

Actually there is nothing serious here – it is all just a form of entertainment.

The above is a quote from Louise Penny’s newsletter that arrived in my mail this morning and…

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