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When an old friend asks for help to talk to The Powers That Be – well, that becomes today’s Post

Come home Ceci. We are waiting for you with open arms, although there will be no hugging when you get here.

A World Apart

Celi (Cecilia Mary Gunther) has been an old blogging friend from the very early days. I must admit the most exciting parts of my existence has been adventures lived through her and The Farmy, known more formally as The Kitchen’s Garden.

She posted this today, and rather than a reblog on AWA I have done the old copy-and-post thing. Please give it a read and if you can repost, reblog, or share that would be quite wonderful!

Dear Jacinda

I hope you don’t mind me calling you Jacinda even though we have not been introduced. I am Cecilia. One of your people who is stranded overseas. Firstly thank you for all your good work as our New Zealand Prime Minister. You have made us proud. So proud. And now I need to talk to you. 

Please excuse me publishing my email to you on my little blog page…

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