Genetic Traditions

A World Apart

Probably a silly title as genetics can only be by tradition. Hmm now I wonder if that makes sense at all. But I know what I mean.

This is the time of year we talk a lot about tradition and reminisce about traditions of the past. These can be filled with comfort, sadness, longing, or joy.

Yesterday I visited with 3 of the 4 most important men in my life and then I came across this:

My two sons. Taken about 40 years ago. Eldest is what we call a Strawberry Blonde, though the light here makes him look redder. The youngest who was about 6 at the time is a darker auburn red.

And I looked back at G1 & G2:

Now this was taken about 10 or 11 years ago *I won’t post current photos of them or anyone without permission, but G1, the eldest, is the same…

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