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A World Apart

But somewhere deep in my soul there is a recognition of some past existence that calls to me. Or it could all be hooey and is just a pretty place to see. Either way I am drawn.

You already know from my post ’I Love Trees’, that, well, I love trees. Stirs my soul. See there is all that soul stuff again!

When I drive through the country-side what strikes me most is how tidy the farms look. I think, imagine. Then I look around my small untidy writing area – hmmm.

I could not presume to use Celi’s pics so this is from pexels.com

I also love farm animals, although I would probably be terrified to come face to face with a herd or a flock of anything. But the visual is nice.

More of pexels.com

Now the point of all this chit chat about farms, and trees, and…

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