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Hogmanay – not canceled – well not the tradition anyway

A World Apart

In this time of the Big C many things are being canceled, including flights and street parties, group gatherings, but there are still traditions to be carried out.

You might remember my Mini-Me, daughter of my mother’s identical twin born with-in ninety-six hours of my birth, who lives in Edinburgh, the city of my heart. We chat every day face-to-face, and the conversation this time of year goes to Hogmanay. I told her I thought I would embrace those traditions more fully this year so researched a bit more of this uniquely Scots holiday. The facts below are from historic-uk.com.

Only one nation in the world can celebrate the New Year or Hogmanay with such revelry and passion – the Scots! But what are the actual origins of Hogmanay, and why should a tall dark-haired stranger be a welcome visitor after midnight?

It is believed that many of the traditional…

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