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Being Julia

A World Apart

No distance of place nor lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other’s worth.”
Robert Southey, English Poet 1774-1843

In October, three of us were lucky enough to attend the very first showing worldwide ofJULIA. This documentary tells the life of Julia Child.

We loved it so much that a few weeks later when attending a casual lunch with other friends, we regaled them with the story and our thoughts on this fascinating woman. Several of the other guests immediately said they would go to see the documentary.

Then pinnies on, wooden spoons and glass in hand , we set out to
Be Julia.

Laughter and fun all around as three elderly women played at Being Julia.
The cast was so well chosen. Meryl Steep as Julia is superb and Stanley Tucci was all I ever thought…

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Last night I took in the above scene and felt comfort. The day had been filled with the Sibs Christmas Dinner. Decades ago the Girls met for a …


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I Have No Dogs, I Have No Cats

A World Apart

I read a post today by OldandBlessed that talked about pets. Dogs actually.

Every time I come across something I like this I find myself thinking I would like a companion – feline or canine. Then I think about fur, food, defecation, vet bills, and most of all about having to venture out in inclement weather on days when I would just as soon curl up – inside. I live in an apartment building and see countless folk doing this very thing in cold, wet, damp (dreich) and rethink the whole thing.

Now I am not entirely animal free. Like grandchildren they are all part of visitation.

The first of many was this sweet girl, Scooby, seen here with G1 about 16 years ago. She was amazing and had been part of ’the family’ well before G1 arrived. I worried at first about how this dog, who by-the-way had been…

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