Dog on the run!

“Don’t let minor obstacles dampen your enthusiasm
for your current project.
Your energetic approach and eager attitude
will ultimately see you succeed in this venture.”

From Dog Wisdom – to lift your spirits and brighten your day*


Please may I go out?

Lotte is an escapologist.  I think Harry Houdini was her grandfather.  She takes any and every opportunity to escape, although recently I thought she had decided against venturing out into the busy streets of the suburb.

After I bought her I looked on the internet to discover that one must never take a Tibetan Spaniel out for walks without a lead; they will take off and will not heed your call to come back.  This has been proven to me many times over the years during which she has owned me.  Once she gets free – she is off!

Today she was particularly well behaved while I ran the course on positive beliefs.  She sat outside the venue on a long lead for 2.5 hours.  We then went for a walk but when we returned home I had a problem with the front door keys.  One of the locks (that I never lock) had locked and I couldn’t get it open.  So I had to call on a neighbour.  He managed to turn the key and open the door.  Unfortunately, when he left, he didn’t close the door behind him.  My fault. I should have checked.

I didn’t realise she had gone until I called her for some food and she was nowhere to be found.  I decided that there was no point in my going to look for her; I have done so in the past and it is a futile exercise because I have no idea where to start.

About an hour after she left, I heard a very large dog barking and then heard her little bark and then suddenly she shot through the front door and greeted me.  I was very pleased to see her and she was equally pleased, I think, to be home.

I have no idea where she was for that hour and she has no way of telling me.  So I guess I shall just have to make up another story about that.

Lotte tired

Wherever she had been she was now exhausted

“Heroes take journeys, confront dragons,
and discover the treasure of their true selves.”
Carol Pearson,American poet, author, screenwriter, and playwright. 1939 –

* Dog Wisdom – Published by Blue Angel Gallery, Australia-















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27 responses to “Dog on the run!

  1. Oh I have an English Setter who must be somehow related!!


    • My daughter had two springer spaniels. One was a quiet docile little thing (the runt of the litter) the other was a large dog who would take off at the first opportunity. So I guess they are all related.


  2. TheIdiotSpeaketh

    I really do need to get a dog…. 🙂


  3. She went on an adventure! A little nerve racking it must be though. I always get nervous when my cat leaves the yard,especially when the corn across the street is full grown. He loves to wander around in there looking for field mice.

    I’m glad he returns home! A relief.


    • It’s not too bad if she stays in this street although it is busy. But the main road is just at the bottom of the hill with large trucks, buses and cars zooming along. They might not see a little dog, or worse, she might cause an accident and somebody get hurt. I would rather she stayed home.:)


  4. That must have been a bit scary, Judith! I would be terribly worried about Reggie if he got out. We have so much traffic here. I’m glad she came back safe and sound. What an adventure she must have had!


    • She hasn’t run away for ages and I really thought that she was over it but I guess they never do get over the desire to roam. It would be really scary if Reggie got out and into the traffic. 🙂


  5. she is a very nice dog,
    I am a dog lover too



  6. My dog companion Rosie is usually well-behaved except when she spies a rabbit. Then she is completely unmanageable. So far she has not had any extended absences. I think she would love your Lotte.


  7. Kind of frightening to have her on the loose–glad she is home safe and sound and sacked out.


  8. Glad Miss Lotte came back, that would make for a scary time, I would think.


  9. Maybe she found herself a companion whilst out on her adventure ? A little like Lady and the Tramp ? 🙂
    Maybe the big dog you heard barking wasn’t barking at her but to her, or at something else to keep her out of trouble ?
    Either way, I’m glad she made it back home safe and sound. 🙂


  10. Your dog is beautiful. I’m glad she returned home safely. Thankfully, I don’t have animals that like to roam right now. Strangely, they all seem content in the house with our noisy children!


  11. Happy ending thank goodness.


  12. More beautiful scenery pictures! She probably wanted to visit her friends AND see more of nature! 🙂


  13. Thank goodness she came home! One of my dogs likes to venture into the road when he gets a chance. It scares me so much! Glad she is safe.


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