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Another Post on Writing

“Do you prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?”

That was the suggestion for a new post from WordPress.  By the way – who the devil is WordPress?

Manual typewriter

I have written on the difference between writing when I first started and now.

I may have already told you that I am in the throes of a love affair with my new i-phone.  I have had this for only a couple of months and just love it.  I use it all the time on my walks as a camera and recently have started making notes on it when I am out.  This will take a little getting used to because I ALWAYS have a notebook and pen with me wherever I go.  Oh no, perhaps not when I go to the theatre or a movie but certainly when I go to friends houses or go out to dinner.  Oh and not in the shower.  Pen and wet paper are not a good fit!

My friends are very long suffering about my note taking, only requesting that their names be changed to maintain their privacy.  People I know make jokes about the note taking – “Hey Judith write that one down” and “Don’t want to miss that” and “Did you see that?”  So they definitely encourage me.

So do I prefer to write notes on paper or on an electronic device?  I have to say that my notebook and pen win out.  I have a number of these lined up in a drawer in my study (just a fancy name for the spare bedroom) and often go back to look for something.  My family tells me it is easier to find things stored on a computer, i-pad or other electronic device  but it’s just not the same.

notebook and penI like to fossick through these notebooks looking for something that I know is there.  And the excitement and joy when I find it.  And I can spend hours reading the notes I have made and sometimes, when there is no mention of when and where, I wrack my brain trying to remember.

Now can anybody help with –

  • Tony,
  • Graham,
  • chocolate and
  • France?

This note written like this several centuries ago, well at least 15 years.  So….