One Down, Three To Go

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Another milestone in life.  Yesterday was the last day at school for my Number One grandson.  Apart from going to sit four or five exams, his connection with school days is over.  And now the rest of his life, with all its adventures and excitements is opening in front of him.

This is one laid back almost 18 year old kid.  When I saw him on Wednesday he was getting ready for the leavers’ dinner,  unfazed by the fact that this huge change was about to take place in his life.

How exciting the next few years will be for him as he discovers an independent lifestyle through university and his other activities.  Since he got his own car a year or so ago, he has become fairly independent of his parents, but now…..

And I wonder how his late grandfather would react to this strong, charming young man who was only a toddler when he last saw him.  Would he be proud of how his grandson has grown and is maturing.  I am sure that the answer would be a resounding yes!

So go forth into the world young man, knowing that anything and everything is possible.  It’s your choice what you do from here on and what you make of yourself.  But know always, that you are greatly loved my No 1 Grandson.

Our grandchildren accept us for ourselves, without rebuke or effort to change us, as no one in our entire lives has ever done, not our parents, siblings, spouses, friends – and hardly ever our own grown children.
Ruth Goode
, author, 1905-1997

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19 responses to “One Down, Three To Go

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  2. Lovely post and congrats to your grandson!


  3. How wonderful to watch them grow and mature. My #1 grandson is 17 and I love him to bits. There is such a special bond between garndparents and grandchildren. I love the Ruth Goode quote. It is perfect. I wish your grandson a wonderful life ahead of him, knowing his grandma has his back!


  4. A lovely poignant post Judith. If only we could tell them all the things we have learned instead of only watching as they find their way through the future.


  5. Our #1 granddaughter will be 18 this coming week. However did they grow up so fast?


  6. how time flies..your No1 grandson is 18 , mine is nearly 40 which makes me sound very old….Thank you for visiting my blog…can you write and show a picture of your dog/cat for me please.
    have a great day !


  7. My mother felt this way when our son hit this life mark. Life moves too fast sometimes, and then at others, seems just right. What a lovely thoughtful post.


  8. what a wonderful truth to go forth into the world with – knowing that you are greatly loved.


  9. Lovely post, Judith. They grow up so FAST!


  10. So wonderful and I bet some day when he sees his own grandchild ready to start his life he will think of you and your thoughts and love.


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