AS Time Goes By

I am sure that when you saw the title of this blog you thought I was going to direct you to a YouTube offering of the song from Casablanca.  Well, didn’t you?

And then there was that lovely sitcom in the UK called As Time Goes By.  It starred Judi Dench (before she was a Dame) and Geoffrey Palmer as two people who had known each other years ago and then reconnected.

But that wasn’t what inspired this post.  Today I read this post from my blogging friend Joss Why Can’t Life be Simple?

This set me thinking about different times in different places.  It was particularly odd when we first moved to New Zealand aka the other side of the world.  We gained a day so when we arrived on June 11 it was really June 10 because we hadn’t adapted to the change in time.  And then going ‘home’ on holiday we always gained a day.  When my daughter was nine she had two birthdays.  One in Auckland, New Zealand and the second one in Honolulu.  How lucky is that?

And when I want to make calls to various friends around the world I have to check what the time is where they are.  But my trusty I-phone allows me to do this easily. I choose the places for which I want to know the time and the phone remembers them and gives me the time.  I do remember years ago starting each phone conversation with “What time is it there?”  I was never completely sure that I had subtracted the right number of hours.  We are ahead of everyone else in the world so we always have to subtract.  And my late husband (aka DYS, Dashing Young Scotsman) always asked why I called somebody to check the time!

And not only the time is different but so are the seasons.  Here we are in spring while both of my sisters are in autumn/fall.  That’s another strange thing we had to get used to.  We left the UK all those years ago and it was summer (June 1967).  We arrived in Auckland to a wet, cold winter.  We thought we had the wrong end of the deal.  But then, when you are all shivering at Christmas time, hey presto! we have sunshine (usually).

So another rambling blog is coming to an end.  Thanks, Joss for the inspiration.

And here a quote from one of my favourite teachers:

“Time is an equal opportunity employer.  Each human being has exactly the same number of hours and minutes every day.  Rich people can’t buy more hours.  Scientists can’t invent new minutes.  And you can’t save time to spend it on another day.  Even so, time is amazingly fair and forgiving.  No matter how much time you’ve wasted in the past, you still have an entire tomorrow. ”
Denis Waitely
,  American motivational speaker and writer.


27 responses to “AS Time Goes By

  1. I still shed a tear when the lady sings the French national anthem in the movie.


  2. Stealing your quote. Thank you for the song, the memories, and the reminder to enjoy all I have been given.


  3. Oh, I was intrigued with Joss’ musings too…. my constant amazement of how it can be “now” here in California, Tuesday evening, but also “now” for a friend in Australia, Wednesday noon….so, are both of those “nows” right now?…and how can Tues and Wed both be right now, at the same time?? ohhh…I give up!


  4. All those time differences and topsy turvy seasons make for a good “brain-twisted”. 🙂


  5. The concept of time has always intrigued me. Thaks for the video clip. Loved it.


  6. I can never keep track of the time differences – especially since we don’t do daylight savings time, but most other places do.


  7. I like the memory of your DYS and you calling to see what time it is! I used to ask that, too, but it is easier to find out now. 🙂


  8. very interesting…love from Bulgaria where it is Wednesday 14 Nov and the time is 17.11..also it is cold, dark and wet


  9. One of my favorite movies, thank you for the nudge that I needed to think of it. Fantastic post, your blog is wonderful.


  10. Since I retired, I don’t even wear my watch. I’m not tied to the clock like I used to be when I was part of the working world. Thought-provoking blog, Judith. Loved the quote at the end.


  11. THX for the reminder about the BBC sitcom. I’m going to hunt it down. 🙂


  12. I loved that Series As time goes by! Funny things about seasons. As I ponderered our slow starting winter hear I was thinking about you getting ready for summer. Wonderful post!


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